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Having a really tough time typing right now because my middle finger literally just got jammed/stuck/slammed/ or whatever you call it when both corners of two metal doors in your mom's bathroom slammed into my poor finger, causing me to yell out in pain. The pain was overwhelming at first as the corners of the doors were really sharp and made of metal it made a dent in my fingernail which now has a teeny purplish bruise in it ew. Plus I slammed the doors really hard cause I had no idea that was going to happen. So my finger was temporarily in a frozen state and I had freaked out cause I thought I broke a bone or whatever but thank god it only throbbed a bit and its all fine now (so I can play the internet again hooray)

 funny how I still find the energy and tendacy to tweet even when my finger is IN PAIN

•I have not left the house for entertainment purpose for a week
•Pyjamas are now my everyday outfits
•My summer is not made up of beaches, swimming, sun-kissed skin, staying up all night with friends or anything with 'fun' written in it like I had in mind.
•All my friends have gone to one month long vacation and left me alone here
• That is all

 In case you weren't here during my hideous brace face phase, here's a slightly bearable idea of how I look with braces on.

See that double eyelid on my right eye? I get those weird double eyelids all the time if I wake up tad later or get abundant sleep and they usually disappear in an hour or so. But its day 4 and I'm still having two different types of eye....