Last Day of February for Insect catching..

Source:  Last Day of February for Insect catching..    Tag:  cephalization
Date : 28th February 2008
Time : 9.30am
Venue : Mixed Vegetation plot, Tiup-tiup dominant plot
Attendance : Audrey Wong, Kelvin Chin

Did sweepnetting at the plots.. And caught not that much but I had a very interesting bee which looked blue. I initially thought it was a beetle because of it's colour. Forgot that the sound it made from flapping it's wings is different.. , now that I recall. Got 4 Lepidopteras as well.. Hehe, a lot of fun the butterflies, but not so much fun killing them by pressing their torax. Felt like an evil witch killing those insects.
Just dropping them into the alcohol is very cruel. They tend to their wings so hard thinking that they can escape but you're just poisoning them to death. They're drowned!! And you go 'wheeeee!!!' I've got an insect. Imagine cannibalism being like that? Imagine other insects looking at you when you do that. Well, lucky them cos they can't think! Lacking of cephalization actually benefits them~
Crap, I'm talking too much of these things cos the project is ending. I'll actually miss being an evil witch..
Sad to say that the insect population in Singapore isn't large. OH and.., though i heard a lot of chicadas chattering around, I can't get them in my traps! Grrrr..

Oh, and thanks Kelvin for coming along. He's not an insect fan at all.. (:
They're not scary btw.