SUPER DETOX - Diatomaceous Earth Detoxifies Radioactive Heavy Metals and Isotopes From Your Body!

Food Grade Codex Diatomaceous Earth
Cleanses all Radioactive poisons (heavy metals) from your body, Daily!

Our diatomaceous earth (DE) is the brown earth: naturally containing both diatomaceous earth, and montmorillonite (also known as calcium bentonite)  There are many websites selling products that contain ONLY diatomaceous earth; for very high prices, and other sites that sell ONLY calcium bentonite, also for very hefty prices.  Both of these ingredients are necessary to be able obtain a FULL flush of radioactive poisons.

Our natural Diatomaceous Earth contains BOTH:  DE and Calcium Montmorillonite, (calcium bentonite) and we offer it at a VERY LOW price of only $ $23.99 (plus a flat rate of only $5. for USPS shipping [within the continental United States]) for a whopping 5 lb bag!  We guarantee that your order will be out for shipment within 2 business days of your order date, depending on product availability.

Each deposit of diatomaceous earth is different:

Currently, diatomaceous earth can be classified into the following major categories – food grade, feed grade and pool grade.  Each category has its own set of specifications that must be met.

While each diatomaceous earth product on the market will fall into one (or two, in the case that the product meets both food and feed grade specifications-Our DE Meets BOTH Food Grade, and Feed Grade Codex) of these categories, each source of DE will be slightly different in its makeup.

For example, the difference between white DE and brown (or brownish-grey) DE, is that darker colored diatomaceous earth contains calcium montmorillonite (also known as calcium bentonite), a clay that occurs naturally in the deposit.  White DE, on the other hand, contains only diatomaceous earth, along with other trace amounts of additional elements.

Any mined material, which is composed primarily of the fossilized exoskeletons of diatoms, is defined as a diatomaceous earth.  This material can come from a fresh or salt-water deposit.

Each deposit is different, not only in the species, shape, and age of the diatoms it contains, but also in the wide range of other elements present in the material.

It is sometimes believed that the silicon dioxide (SiO2 or amorphous silica) content of a diatomaceous earth product is a measure of its purity; however, this is not the case.

Silicon dioxide (Si02 or amorphous silica) is the main element in diatomaceous earth however all diatomaceous earth products, in their natural (raw) state, typically contain 20-35% addition elements other than silica.

Color and formulation vary between deposits, and diatomaceous earth can also be affected by the manufacturing processes.  These characteristics are also not a measure of purity.

It is the presence of the diatoms that define a diatomaceous earth and their species, shape and particularly the age of the diatoms that define their ability to function for certain purposes.  As well, the way in which the DE is prepared (calcined or non-calcined) also plays an important role in the end-product’s use. 

For example, diatomaceous earth that is heated to a very high temperature (calcined) can be used only as a filtering aid in swimming pools and should not be consumed or inhaled (due to its high crystalline silica content). 

Natural diatomaceous earth, on the other hand, is non-calcined.  It is not considered harmful, and can be ingested by animals.


Each deposit of diatomaceous earth is different.  They possess varying blends of pure diatomaceous earth combined with other natural clays.  The diatoms in each deposit contain different amounts of silica, depending on the age of the deposit, and different deposits may even contain a different species of diatom all together.

The species of diatom found in a deposit is dependent upon the age and paleo-environment of the deposit.  In turn, the shape of a diatom is determined by its species.

The shape of the diatoms contained in a deposit has not been proven to affect their functionality when it comes to the absorption of liquids; however, certain applications, such as that for insects, slugs, and snails, work best when a particular shaped diatom is used.  For example, in the case of insects, as well as slugs and snails, spiny diatoms work best to lacerate the outer shell of the insect, or break down the membrane of slugs and snails.

The deposit used for Our Diatomaceous Earth is from the Miocene age and, like many other deposits throughout British Columbia from this same time-period, contains a species of diatom known as Melosira granulate, as pictured here:   

These diatoms are approximately 12 to 13 million years old and are a small globular shape.

A deposit containing diatoms from this age can provide many more benefits than an older deposit

…for example Eocene age diatoms: (that are approximately 40 to 50 million years old) because older diatoms re-crystallize and their small pores become filled with silica, this reduces their ability to absorb fluids.

Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth:

Food grade Diatomaceous Earth will remove any heavy metals in your body that could be causing a multitude of symptoms. 

Radioactive metals include :
·         Actinium
·         Thorium
·         Uranium
·         Radium
·         Transuraniums; such as Plutonium, Americium, etc.
·         Polonium
Radioactive isotopes of metallic elements :  
·         Cobalt-60
·         Strontium-90 .

Putting your body through a detox to cleanse the blood and the body's systems from impurities will surely make you feel younger, rejuvenated, and healthier.  “SUPER DETOX” Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is all-natural, and will cleanse and detox your body. 

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Our natural Diatomaceous Earth contains BOTH:  DE and Calcium Montmorillonite, (calcium bentonite) and we offer it at a VERY LOW price of only $ $23.99 (plus a flat rate of only $5. for USPS shipping [within the continental United States]) for a whopping 5 lb bag!  We guarantee that your order will be out for shipment within 2 business days of your order date, depending on product availability.

The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta has warned about the rise of fish tapeworm in America.  We eat meat and fish not thoroughly cooked.  Animals often transmit the diseases. 

Often, the problem is innocently overlooked and undetected.  Tapeworms can grow to 50 feet long.  You are not only feeding a monster within you but also absorbing the toxicity of its waste products.

The most famous tapeworm of recent years belonged to the late opera singer Maria Callas.  She had a serious weight and skin problem.  When the tapeworm was detected and removed, her weight dropped, her skin improved, and her temperament mellowed.  Once the intestines were cleansed, and the worms and eggs eliminated, many of the symptoms disappeared.

Farmers have been using diatomaceous earth for years to stay on top of parasitic infestation with their farm animals.  They simply add diatomaceous earth into their livestock’s meals and the problem treats itself.  “Proof of the pudding” is dull hair.  Dull hair in animals or humans means one should suspect intestinal worms.  Studies suggest everyone should occasionally 'worm' oneself.  It is simply a matter of taking supplements for at least 30 days.  The gestation length for an intestinal worm is about 22 days, meaning thousands of offspring every 22 days, plus all their excretions, compounds into health problems. 

Most people know that dogs and cats can transmit diseases by scratches and bites, but few people realize that close contact, including nuzzling, kissing, and handling animal fur can cause serious illness.  We hug and kiss and sleep with our pets.  We handle the dirt in which their contaminated feces is deposited.  We breathe the air, which may contain worm eggs… So, stop kissing your dog, or cat, or gerbil, and breathing the air they live in, or...  take Diatomaceous Earth, daily!

A teenage girl suffered from wheezing, coughing, chronic depression, and an allergy to many foods, mold, and dust.  She lived in close contact with two small dogs, both of whom were determined to have worms.  After two cleansings, her problems diminished.

It has been estimated that some 200 million persons throughout the world are infested with trichinosis; one of many kinds of parasites that feed off undigested foods lining the intestinal walls.  Seventy Five percent of those millions infested live in NORTH AMERICA!  Once these parasites enter the muscles, allopathic medicine offers no specific treatment.

How do you get them?   One of the quickest ways for parasitic larvae to enter your body is through contaminated, improperly washed, or cooked foods.  Being around animals can also easily lead to problems.  What does cleaning the colon has to do with parasites?  The average person over 40 has anywhere between 5 and 25 pounds of buildup in their colons.  Parasites of all sizes thrive in this indisposed residue of fecal matter, slowly but surely toxifying the body.  Those who eliminate parasites always happily proclaim just how much more energy they have afterwards. 

While there are hundreds of uses for Diatomaceous Earth, with the ongoing, worldwide fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear meltdown, adding the daily intake ( about 1 tablespoon/day for adults, and 1 teaspoon/day for children under 12 ) of Diatomaceous Earth to your radiation fallout health-plan is a MUST to survival!  

Note: Many people add it to their morning orange juice, or any other choice of juice.  We add our tablespoon each day, to a glass of chocolate milk; it tends to stay more suspended within the chocolate milk, so drinking it is easy, and tasty; as diatomaceous earth has NO TASTE.

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Our natural Diatomaceous Earth contains BOTH:  DE and Calcium Montmorillonite, (calcium bentonite) and we offer it at a VERY LOW price of only $ $23.99 (plus a flat rate of only $5. for USPS shipping [within the continental United States]) for a whopping 5 lb bag!  We guarantee that your order will be out for shipment within 2 business days of your order date, depending on product availability.

Benefits of Calcium Bentonite:

Have you ever noticed how sitting by the ocean or walking through a forest produces a sense of calm and peacefulness?  It turns out there is actually a scientific explanation.  Air is filled with either negative or positive charges called ions.  Fresh air in places like the ocean, the mountains and forests contain a plethora of beneficial negative ions and contribute to a feeling of well being.  Negatively charged ions can enhance our immune defenses, reduce susceptibility to colds and the flu, as well as provide relief from migraine headaches, allergies and hay fever.

Positive ions on the other hand – of which there are many more in today’s environment than in times past – create an electrical imbalance in the atmosphere and in our bodies.  Positive ions are also known as free radicals.  Free radicals can damage cells and are thought to be responsible for degenerative health conditions, accelerated aging and even cancer.  Positive ions are what comprise toxins, impurities, viruses and pollutants.

The Radioactive Isotopes that are now completely covering the northern hemisphere of earth are POSITIVE ions.

Negative ions are beneficial because of their ability to attract and stick to different positive ions or free radicals.   This is the very dynamic that makes calcium bentonite clay such a powerful detoxifier.   Calcium bentonite clay is highly charged with negative ions and looks to attract positive ions to it when ‘activated’.   In its dry form, calcium bentonite clay is inert or doing nothing.  When it becomes hydrated the negative ions are activated, and begin their work of attracting free radicals, impurities and other toxins to them.  Some people take calcium bentonite clay in capsule form, but this inhibits the effectiveness, because the capsule has to be broken down by the stomach before the clay encounters liquid.  Once there, it begins to activate but takes longer to enter your system.

Adsorption and Absorption

As our bodies do not absorb the clay, it is perfectly safe to consume.  Taken internally, the clay is eliminated from our bodies through normal digestion and perspiration processes.  Used externally as a poultice or bath, after working its magic, the clay is eliminated through our skin.  The bottom line is that it is no coincidence people report feeling well, grounded, and energetic while using clay.  It is the science behind calcium bentonite clay in action.

Adsorption refers to the process through which substances stick to the exterior of the clay structure.  It is here on the surface of the clay structure where the ionic exchange between the clay and the toxins and other impure substances take place.  This is a key part of calcium bentonite’s ability to detoxify.

Absorption is a more familiar concept to most of us.  It refers to the ability of the clay to act like a sponge and draw toxins and impurities from its environment.  Absorptive clays expand to accommodate this process and are also known as expandable or swelling clays.  This ability to swell provides pure calcium bentonite clay with greater drawing or detoxifying ability.

SUPER DETOX – Top-Quality Fresh-Water Diatomaceous Earth; Naturally Enhanced to Detoxify Your Body from Radioactive Poisons.


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Our natural Diatomaceous Earth contains BOTH:  DE and Calcium Montmorillonite, (calcium bentonite) and we offer it at a VERY LOW price of only $ $23.99 (plus a flat rate of only $5. for USPS shipping [within the continental United States]) for a whopping 5 lb bag!  We guarantee that your order will be out for shipment within 2 business days of your order date, depending on product availability. 
On any website claiming human health benefits and selling diatomaceous earth for the purpose of human consumption you will find a disclaimer that points out that the product is not actually approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is only technically considered to be unofficial information for research purposes.

This is not to say that diatomaceous earth does not provide these health benefits.  In fact, with enough funding and scientific research diatomaceous earth could possibly be approved for human consumption and prove to be very helpful in maintaining the health of both humans and animals.

Please use your own discretion and utilize various research methods when choosing to consume food grade diatomaceous earth.  Do not be fooled by sites that claim to have a product that is registered for human consumption, as the information they provide is not scientific but rather a collection of testimonials.

Our Diatomaceous Earth products meet both food grade and feed grade specifications.
Our Diatomaceous Earth is completely safe to be used with all types of animals. 
Please note:    this does not include reptiles or amphibians.

Disclaimer: There are currently no diatomaceous earth products registered with the FDA or CFIA for human consumption.  No scientific testing has been conducted in order to ensure these benefits or the long-term effects of using diatomaceous earth in this way.  It is advised that you conduct your own research on the benefits of diatomaceous earth in order to make an informed personal decision.  Choosing to use the product for uses other than what it is registered for is done solely at the risk of the end-user.  We do not advise that any diatomaceous earth products be used for any purpose other than what they are registered for.