Is Banana Good for Weight Loss? Do Bananas Make You Fat? The Answer May Surprise You!

There are several disagreements in the weight loss and dieting communities as to whether or not banana has a place in an ideal weight loss diet.  A number of claims that banana is too high in carbohydrates and cannot help weight loss. Other says that banana is a high nutritious food and may help to lose weight naturally.

Banana Nutrition Facts 

Bananas are reasonably low in calories and fat. Banana contains vitamin B6, folic acid. Fiber is a vital nutrition in banana, as fiber helps to keep you feeling enough, longer and it prevents eating too much at future meals.

Bananas contain a lot of insoluble carbohydrate called "resistant starch”, which has great ability to initiate fat burning. Moreover banana contains enzymes that help in digestion & improves body metabolism. Bananas are rich in fiber, fructose and glucose. Therefore, it is digested easily and absorbed quickly.

What is the Morning Banana diet?

The morning banana diet means you eat bananas for breakfast relaxing your consumption habits during the lunch and dinner session without applying any diet restrictions that is said to be accompanied with less hunger.


1.    Elaichi bananas are better than the yellow bananas. But the dotted yellow bananas are better than the elaichi banana.
2.    Raw bananas can be best substitute for potatoes in your daily meals. That will significantly cut down your calorie count.
3.    Try to eat raw bananas. Cooking bananas destroys vital enzymes that make the banana diet perfect for weight loss program.
4.    Besides your breakfast you can eat 4-6 bananas during lunch and dinner.
5.    You can substitute another fruit in place of bananas if you are not in the mood for eating bananas.

Benefits of Eating Bananas in the Morning

Banana is an exceptional source of vitamins, potassium, and magnesium, that help keep your skin glowing, increase immunity power, and also it reduces edema leg swelling from making legs look fat. 

Low in Fat

Bananas contain very small amount of fat, a medium size banana contains about 0.5g calories, and hence banana is perfect choice for low fat and calorie controlled diet.

High potassium

Bananas have weight loss properties. A single medium size banana has 108-110 calories, which amounts to 18 grams of carbohydrates. Human body needs carbohydrates and Potassium for smooth and healthy body functioning including the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, neuro-muscular and renal systems, to function correctly and excess amount of carbohydrates may lead to weight gain. Potassium is also significant in maintaining the fluid balance in our body.  A medium size banana contains about 530-570mg of potassium.

Loaded with pectin

Along with vitamins, minerals and fiber, it contains pectin, which keeps you feeling fuller for a long period. All this qualities of banana makes it ideal for weight loss program. Banana is loaded with potassium, which is a vital mineral in weight loss diet. While bananas are fairly low in fat and calories.

Low calories & High Fiber

Fiber is an important nutrient if you are on weight loss diet; because fiber helps to keep you feeling fuller for long time and it also prevents overeating at future meals. Bananas make a good choice for ideal weight loss diet because they contain low calories and fat. But, don't eat too much bananas.

Low Glycemic index

Bananas have a low glycemic index, which is another reason why it best for weight loss. Consumption of bananas helps in controlling high blood sugar levels. Research shows that bananas can actually be a perfect fit in your weight loss diet plan. This fruit it easily available, naturally sweet and it also satisfies our sweet tooth. A medium size banana contains about 85-92 calories, which is much lesser than calories present in sweet candy bar.

Final words

In general, yes, banana is good to consume if you are on weight loss diet. Try to consume banana in their most natural form to achieve best possible results.

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