Position as EPA Geospatial Statistical and Data Analytics Support Associate

Recruiting for the- EPA in Cincinnati OH and the position title, EPA Geospatial Statistical and Data Analytics Support Associate  

The project description:  
The Land Remediation and Pollution Control Division (LRPCD) of the National Risk Management Research Laboratory is seeking an individual  to assist with a project that seeks to combine complex environmental, geographic, socio-economic, and policy datasets to assess and map different trajectories of community sustainability (Typology of Sustainable Communities).
An initial phase of research (Phase 1) was completed in May, 2014 which provided a basic, multi-scale Typology of Sustainable Communities using a variety of datasets covering several different component areas including: environmental stressors, land cover and use, demographics, policy and planning and government finance at Census Place and regional (county or MSA) scale.  However, the data coverage from Phase 1 is somewhat limited.  The aim for Phase 2, and the work for which this candidate is required, is to improve the precision and expand the coverage of the Phase 1 model.  The candidate shall assist the technical mentor to assess the limitations of the current approach, and evaluate alternative datasets and classification structures to improve the quality of the approach and the geographic coverage of the outputs. 

Master’s degree in statistics, geo-spatial statistics, geographic information systems (GIS), environmental sciences, environmental social sciences, urban planning, or a closely related field from an accredited university or college within the last 24 months.

Program and position details:

If you would like more information contact:

Karen Cleveland, PMP
Recruiter/Senior Program Specialist 
Scientific Assessment and
Workforce Development
(865) 574-4521
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