IRPA/ Zonal/Meeting/2014.                                                             Dated:-16. 02.2014.

               SUB :-     A zonal meeting of  IRPA / ECR.  

                          A zonal meeting of Pharmacists, working in all five divisions, Central hospital, poly clinic and Tender cell of East Central Railway was organized at Health Unit Patna on 16.02.2014.
 The following Pharmacists attended the zonal meeting :
1.      Mr.Shtrughan Prasad srivastav.    (SEE)                  Mob. No. :- 9771429531.
2.      Mr.Surendra Prasad suman.         (DNR)                  Mob. No :- 9234690691.
3.      Mr. Arun kumar                            (SEE)                  Mob. No :- 9955636015.
4.      Mr.Navendra kumar                      (SEE)                  Mob No:- 9334365222.
5.      Mr. Dinesh pandit                         (T.C)                    Mob .No:- 9771425532.
6.      Mr.Kaushlendrakr. singh.             (MGS)                 Mob. No :- 08416831577.     
7.      Mr. Pankaj kumar.                         (SPJ)                   Mob .No:- 7250688978.
8.      Mr. Suman Chandra singh             (SPJ)                   Mob. No:- 9771037378.
9.      Md.Javed jug khan                        (SEE)                   Mob. No.:- 9835682244.
10.  Md. Iqwal                                      (SPJ)                    Mob. No:- 9771428525.    
11.  Mr. Ravindar kumar                      (V.I )                   Mob. No.:-9771425079.
12.  Mr. Manish kumar                         (MGS)                Mob. No.:- 9955656500.    
13.  Mr. Suresh Prasad.                          (DNR)               Mob. No.:- 9279705527.   
14.  Mr.G.N.Singh.                                 (DNR)              Mob.NO.:- 9771449878.
15.  Mr. V.P Singh                                  (DNR)              Mob. No:- 8002216965.
16.  Mr. Mahesh kumar chauhan.           (SEE)               Mob. No.:- 8877206161. 
17.  Mr. Sunil Kumar.                            (DNR)              Mob. No.:- 9234944914.   
18.  Mr. Sujeet kumar singh.                  (DNR)             Mob. No.;- 9955831363.
19.  Mr. Rakesh kumar.                          (DNR)             Mob. No;- 9386083002.
20.  Mr.Ritesh kumar.                             (SEE)              Mob. No;- 8294690779.
21.  Mr. Dinesh kumar paswan            (MGS)               Mob. No :- 9795511802.
22.  Mr. Brajnandan paswan                  (SPJ)                Mob .No.:-7250839459.
23.  Mr.Dukhuram murmur.                 (MGS)               Mob. No:- 9794848594.                                        
24.  Mr.Soratha Setty                            ( MGS)              Mob. No.:- 9794848593.
25.  Mr.Umesh kumar                           (DHN                Mob. No :- 9771426532.
26.  MR.Praveen kumar.                       (DHN)               Mob. No.:- 8298177821.
27.  Mr.Subhash Narayan                     (PNBE)              Mob. No;- 8051983656.
28.  Mr. P.K Singh.                               ( C.H)                 Mob .No:-09934089212.   

All the members of IRPA/ECR discuss to every points regarding up gradation of pharmacist cadre and it was decided that –
1.      Every member of IRPA/ECR will contribute Rs-100/- per month to strengthen the financial condition of IRPA.
2.      A divisional body of IRPA will contribute 50% of total collection to the zonal body.
3.      To establish a better relationship with the central union.
4.      Show, the maximum strength to PCI regarding Recruitment Rules up dated and amending the minimum eligibility qualification as a B.Pharm. / D.Pharm + 4 years regular service as a hospital pharmacist in recognized hospital / B.Pharm. practice through bridge course. 
5.      A joint bank account will be open in SBI by the name of zonal Secretary and zonal Treasurer of IRPA and all expenditures incurred in the IRPA meeting will be managed from this account.
6.      In each division it is mandatory to conduct a monthly Divisional meeting.  
7.      Representation of a memorandum to DG/RHS regarding Restructuring of pharmacist cadre for his better up gradation like a Uttrakhand govt.order ie-(25% in GP-4200/- after two years it should be 4600/-(Recruitment grade pharmacist.), 45% in GP 5400/-( Chief pharmacist),20% in GP 6600/-(as a PhO) and 10% in GP 7600/- as Sr.PhO (SAG grade) 
8.      In addition to monthly contribution, the following contributions are made by different divisions of ECR to the zonal body with immediate effect.

                ( i.) SPJ.-----------------------------------------------     Rs- 5000/-
                ( ii.) DNR.---------------------------------------------     Rs- 5000/-
                 (iii.) SEE. ---------------------------------------------     Rs-5000/-
                 (iv.) MGS---------------------------------------------      Rs-5000/-
                 (v.) DHN ----------------------------------------------     Rs- 5000/-
                 (vi.) CH+TC+ Poly clinic ---------------------------     Rs- 10000/-   

 Every member assured their full supports and participation for IRPA physically as well as financially. 
With thanks to all.

Mr.Pritam kumar singh.                                                                                  
Zonal President/IRPA/HJP.                                   Mr.SurendraPrasad                                                                                                                                            Zonal Secretary /IRPA