Properties of Lead for Radiation Shielding

Source:  Properties of Lead for Radiation Shielding    Tag:  gamma ray shielding
Lead is a highly effective radiation shielding material, and is used in the manufacturing of almost all radiation safety systems. The several properties of lead that make it an effective radiation shielding material are:

  •   High density
  •   High atomic number
  •  Good level of stability
  •  Ease of fabrication
  •  High degree of flexibility

Lead is vastly available and is also very cheap. Lead is less likely to be contaminated, and is immediately available for re-use. Lead shielding attenuates the harmful radiation like x-rays, gamma rays, etc. and makes them impotent. It reduces their effectiveness and creates a safe, radiation free environment for the persons working around the radiation scattering equipment.

Lead radiation shielding products by Medi-Ray TM

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