Does wifi affect to babies

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Untested technology

Cordless phones, Wi-fi, digital baby monitors and other wireless products have become ubiquitous. While their health effects are largely untested, there have been numerous studies of the effects of the electro-magnetic radiation emitted from these devices. All scientists agree that this radiation is dangerous at high levels but it is hoped that the low levels emitted from these household devices are safe. We are not convinced.

Radiation 24/7

The levels of radiation emitted from mobile and cordless phones on standby, and of wi-fi routers, digital baby monitors and bluetooth are a fraction of those of a mobile or cordless phone in use on a call. But this does not mean they are safer.
The radiation exposure from wireless products is a "chronic" exposure, constantly at a low level rather than short bursts of high power. There is evidence that this type of exposure might be more damaging in the long-term. It is thought that when the body first experiences a new source of radiation, it reacts by strengthening its immune defences, but then the immune system begins to weaken progressively as the radiation exposure continues. Read more...
There is evidence that long-term chronic exposure to electro-magnetic radiation has a range of health effects. We also know that children are more vulnerable than adults.
The German and French governments have advised against the use of wireless products like wi-fi and cordless (DECT) phones at home. Read more...

Some advices:
We have been on a path for a few years now to reduce radiation, EMF's etc in our house. Sure, it's everywhere and "you've gotta die of something" right? but if you can avoid it, why not try?

SOMETHING we're doing in society is causing our illnesses - I don't believe as a whole we know enough about these things to say for certain, so we choose to avoid them as much as possible.

So yep, we've no microwave, and went back to cable on our internet (pregnant or not) We don't put beds on the other sides of walls containing meterboxes, don't use innerspring mattresses or underwire bras, avoid lengthy conversations on portable or mobile phones and won't upgrade to an iphone or similar. We never keep the mobile phone beside our bed or in our bra, back pocket etc etc.

It's just a lifestyle - we've gotten used to it now and I think we're better off for it. The television was ditched about a month ago (not for EMF reasons but it could be a bonus). We're about to purchase a new home phone, and we will consider a low frequency one if we don't decide to go back to a "plug in" version which is more likely. For me, it's not that much of an inconvenience to sit at the desk or on the lounge to talk on the phone, but for others, they may need to be more mobile.

Sure, we're still exposed to some degree and we can't avoid it when sitting in Wifi hotspots, or riding the train where EVERY SINGLE PERSON is surfing on their smartphone, but if I can limit the amount we're exposed to (particularly the young kids) then I'm happy to do so. It's not for everyone, but I'd like to make my home as healthy a place to be as possible.

And yes, I know there are other things that could strike us down, and I'm aware that we definitely have days where we are totally at odds with what we're trying to do and end up looking like total hypocrites when we make choices for convenience reasons that don't match our ideals, but every little thing we can do makes a difference in my view, so we try where we can.