Appalling Fourth Tier Trash Pit: Appalachian School of Law

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This is the actual name of the law school, and it is located in Grundy, Virginia. Yes, it is fully accredited by the cockroaches and dung beetles at the American Bar Association.

Tuition: Full-time students who begin their studies at this “world class” institution in 2012 will face a bill of $31,525 - in tuition and fees - for the upcoming school year. To be fair, the commode guarantees this bargain basement price for the duration of one’s time at the law school, provided that you do not take time off or drop to part-time status.

Total Cost of Attendance: According to this same document, indirect costs will add another $21,600 to the big-ass tab. The toilet explicitly mentions that car repairs and auto insurance are not taken into account, when determining COA. Also, apparently these students will be required to hand over $2,400 for a “summer externship.” For $ome rea$on, that is not considered a direct expense.

Seeing that ABA-approved diploma mills do not provide twelve month costs, we will need to prorate the costs for housing, food, utilities, transportation, and personal expenses. With these adjustments, indirect expenses will amount to $26,566. As such, we reach a total, estimated COA of $58,091 - for 2012-2013. Isn’t it nice to see someone providing “affordable legal education” to this dirt poor region?!?!

Ranking: Are you planning to apply to this “institution of higher learning”?! If so, you may want to learn about its reputation. US “News” & World Report lists Appalachian Sewer of Law as a fourth tier pile of corrosive garbage. Of course, Pussy Bob Morse prefers to employ the term “Rank Not Published,” for this group. Do you still want to enroll in this trash pit?

Pathetic Employment Placement: The bitches and hags at this school did not bother to publish this data on their site. Instead, we glean this information from the LST clearinghouse. According to this database, only 30.8% of this commode’s recent grads secured long-term, full time legal employment. By the way, this figure includes desperate solo practitioners. Who wouldn’t want to spend three years of their lives - and incur a mountain a NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - for such outcomes?!?!

Projected Debt Owed at First Loan Payment: Evidently, this school did not furnish its average law student indebtedness - for its Class of 2011 - to US “News.” For this reason, we rely on a link from Law School Transparency. As the site notes, this does not take scholarships into account. Based on their calculations, LST estimates that a member of ASL’s Class of 2015 could face up to $188,321 in student debt for law school. If that potential outcome doesn’t make your heart skip a few beats, then you may need someone to check your pulse.

Faculty and Administrator Pay: Let’s see how well the pigs are doing, in stark contrast to their students and graduates. Relying on this private toilet’s 2011 Form 990, we can see that Taxpayer ID 54-1743079 had a mere $24,637,682 in end-of-year net assets - as of June 30, 2011. In the context of U.S. “higher education,” that is a small sum. No wonder this pile of excrement landed on Law School Death Watch.

On page 6, note that Clinton Shinn, dean of the law school, raked in $275,186 in TOTAL COMPENSATION. Yes, this academic received $243,566 in base salary, as well as $31,620 in estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and other related organizations. The following figures also pertain to total income:

Sandra McLothlin “earned” $124,571 as associate dean for academic affairs and “associate law professor.” Paula Young raked in $111,968 as an “associate professor.” Dale Rubin made $133,723, for teaching administrative law, state and local government, employment law, and corporate governance. Lastly, Charles Condon pulled in $139,241 - as the damn director of the law library!

On Campus Shooting by a Mentally Ill Law Student - on January 16, 2002 - Resulted in Three Dead Victims:

Check out this CNN article from January 17, 2002. The piece was titled "Suspect in law school shootings arraigned." Please read the entire story. Here is one of the key excerpts, from this report:

"Peter Odighizuwa, 43, did not enter a plea. A judge ordered a attorney appointed for him and set a court date for March 21.

Authorities said that Odighizuwa, who had flunked out of law school, opened fire with a .380 semiautomatic handgun just after 1 p.m. ET Wednesday. 

One of those killed was the dean of Appalachian School of Law, L. Anthony Sutin, 42 - a former acting assistant U.S. attorney general.
Killed along with Sutin were another faculty member, professor Thomas Blackwell, 41, and a student, Angela Denise Dales, 33, according to state police." [Emphasis mine]

Conclusion: Appalachian Sewer of Law is a pathetic, vile stench pile. If you are working in a call center, and making $11 an hour, you should not give up that job in order to enroll at this toxic garbage heap. You are better off in that position than an unemployed, heavily indebted TTTT grad living in your mother’s basement. Look at the numbers, lemming. You will not have a shot of landing Biglaw, as a graduate of this mill. In fact, you will have difficulty finding legal work. Also, non-legal employers are not too keen on hiring JDs- as they typically view them as litigious or combative. This school is such a piece of trash, you may need to field questions such as “Did you earn your law degree from an accredited institution?” and “Is that an online school?”