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This could be very valuable for rural areas in emergency situations where  radiologist services are needed and also in areas where the availability to reach a radiologist locally is restricted or over loaded.  BD

NightHawk employs a team of specialists to expedite all state licensing, hospital privileging and internal credentialing process. These individuals facilitate paperwork, set up teleconferences or meetings between licensing and credentialing boards and our doctors in order to make sure our radiologists can assist you to our full capacity.

When an image is taken at a NightHawk-affiliated hospital, it is sent to NightHawk through our highly reliable virtual private network. The workflow software then identifies the most appropriate radiologist based on his or her specialization, hospital credentials and workload capacity (how busy he or she is at that time) Upon receipt, the NightHawk radiologist performs a preliminary evaluation of the scan and dictates a written report. The patient data and report are sent back to the originating hospital, and if the evaluation requires immediate attention, the local physician may be contacted to discuss the findings that night. If the evaluation does not require immediate attention, the scan undergoes a primary evaluation the following morning by the local radiologist.

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