Vidar wind-talker

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So with WaaaghFest! Coming up I thought I should tweak my army list so I don't get totally blown out of the water if I run into a Tryhard with his ball smashing fun crusher list at the laid back goofy pub tournament. But I digress, so I decided that my blood claw bikers needed a hero to lead them, and that I would make the rune priest I've had an idea for a while.

As usual I forgot to take progress photos until I was done with the sculpting. So we'll use your imagination as I go though the process. I had to cut off the left leg and steal one from a normal marine. This took some playing around and a loose pinning. Once final position was found I could glue it. Then it came to the putty, doing the leg, arm, hair. I didn't like the braid so I swiped one from a plastic head. Once it set and I could place the model on the bike and see what I got, I knew the leg appeared too long. The soft armour was just too much of a gap, and unrealistic. So I made the pelt too cover this up. Finally fixed the wolf skull which I made from instant mold, and the pouch. The raven was also made from instant mold. You should buy some instant mold if you don't have any, seriously. 

Here we have Vidar dancing along side his motorbike.

Almost done, just have to attach him to his bike.

Finally the finished model, the wizard is ready to ride.