Through 2013 The NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING Website Is The Place For Blackhorn 209 Load Data And Information On Hunting With This Powder

I did not spend a lot of time on this blog through 2012. All of my effort was put into rebuilding the NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING website, at . Late in July 2011, my former website hosting service (Homestead/Intuit) apparently decided that a muzzleloader hunting website was not appropriate for them...and without any reason or notice simply pulled the plug - losing nearly six years of research and writing.

As angry as I was at the time, I've now come to realize that they actually did me one huge favor.

2010 was the all time best year for the website published at, with some 350,000 users during the course of the year. Fact is, 2011 was on track to slightly top that...until the anti-hunting gang at Homestead shut the site down. August of 2011 was a hectic one for me as I scrambled to find a new, appropriate and better hosting service - which I did with FatCow. The last week of that month and all of September was spent getting a new start under a new and more appropriate web address.

It took a couple of months for many of you to find the new site, but once you did, thankfully you kept coming back on a regular basis. I quickly learned that FatCow does a much better job of getting article/report topics published into the internet search engines - and by the end of December 2011, monthly traffic was up around 35,000.

Well, as we moved into 2012, traffic just kept growing...topping 100,000 for the month of July alone...more than 200,000 in each of October and November...and nearly reaching 300,000 for the month of December. In all, some 74,000 unique visitors used the NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING website 1,553,000+ times during 2012.

And I would like to thank the folks at Homestead for making that happen. If you had not pulled the plug on the's doubtful that traffic would have topped 400,000 to 450,000.

What has kept muzzleloading hunters coming back has been the wide range of great muzzleloader hunting articles and reports. All of those newly published pages can be found at -

We've gotten a great start on the 2013 Articles & Reports menu as well. In just the first week of this new year, three new pages have been published...with one or two more scheduled for the month of January. In all last year, we added 50 new pages. We really are not planning to top that number this year...but we do expect to bring you the same great variety of muzzleloader hunting topics through the coming year. Here's a look at the start of the new lineup -

One of our primary goals this year is to better utilize this get many of you sharing information right here.

It's going to be a great year...visit us and on the website.

Toby Bridges