Cassandra's Surgery 5 Years Ago

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The month of May has always been a very challenging month for me and it still is for this year.

Exactly 5 years ago today, at this hour, Cass and I went through the darkest time of our lives. She went for a major surgery to fix her urinary tract.

The surgery had a complication and the next 2 weeks was a nightmarish limbo for us as the surgeon did not know what was wrong with her that made her keep throwing up and retching. I will never forget the nightly X-rays, the Fluoroscopy test, the CT Scan and the insertion of nasal tube via her nostrils into her stomach, all without GA given to my poor baby.

After 3 weeks of being cooped up in the hospital, the Mother's Day cum 9th wedding anniversary celebration in the ward on the 27th of May 2009 was the happiest  for us. That was the day the surgeon gave the green light to remove all tubes from Cass and she was to be discharged the next day.

Exactly 5 years ago today, this was Cass after the first surgery...

5 years later on her 6th birthday on 9 April 2014, this is my happy baby Cass...

This month, Cass will have to go through several tests and tribulations. In a few days' time, she would have to undergo a Urodynamics Test in the hospital.

 In 2 weeks' time, she will have to sit for her mid year exam in pre-school. Next is her Sports Day and the last test and trial for the month will be on 25th May at Alycia and Sherilyn's school.

Cass has been approved by the MoE for entrance into the school that her 2 che ches are attending, subject to passing the school's internal assessment. Ever since the school was awarded High Performance School status last year, the school has been coming up with a suite of activities, tests, trials and competitions for the students. In order to be accepted into this school, new students would have to sit for an assessment to gauge their level of literacy and numeracy for streaming purposes. And I think that for students who do not meet the mark they will be declined acceptance into the school.

I can only pray for God's strength to be given to Cass to go through all these tests and tribulations in her life.

Cass knows what she has to go through in a few days' time and since yesterday, she has been telling me as a matter of factly, " mummy, I will not cry no matter how pain the test is. I will hold my tears. I will never lose my battle"

Cass  is really the bravest little girl (and very stubborn too!) I have ever met!