Personalised Aprons for Christmas

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We got creative this year for our Christmas gifts to the Nannys

I bought a plain apron in each of the Nanny's favourite colour, some special fabric paint for the printing and fabric pens for the writing.

First we painted a child's foot with the paint - like so:
(was rather tickleish apprently! haha)

Then we carefully printed on each apron.  We had the child put their full weight on the foot being printed.  Like So:

When all the prints had be done it was time for the children to write their names under their prints and then write a little message for Nanny on the top:

Once we were happy that everything was done, we needed to make the paint permanent.  To do that we needed to iron the prints.  We used a thin pillowcase to cover the prints and then ironed away.

Then all we had to do was package it up for Christmas!  


And that was it!  Was a lot of fun and the Nannys seemed pleased!