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Lead Lined Sheetrock / Drywall / Gypsum

For Radiation Shielding

Mayco's Lead Lined Drywall, sheetrock, gypsum board MAYCO lead-backed gypsum wallboard is furnished as 1/2" ,5/8"  “X” fire code gypsum board meeting classification ASTM C 36, with pure lead sheet, meeting federal specification QQ-L-201 F, GRADE C, factory laminated to the back side of the gypsum panel. The lead extends 1” beyond one vertical edge of the lead lined gypsum board to allow for overlapping of joints thus alleviating the need for separate lead joint strips. Lead Strips are required at the corners. Lead Shielding accessories for installation include lead discs for screw penetrations and sheet lead for backing and shielding of cut-outs for electrical, plumbing, medical gas or other penetrations as well as corners.
Lead Lined Sheetrock
Available in 48 Inch and 49 inch Widths

Mayco lead lined sheetrock, also known as leaded drywall and gypsum board is constructed of a single extruded sheet of our own lead sheet, laminated to the drywall. Mayco supplies sheet lead to QQ-L-201 F in various thicknesses, depending on the levels of radiation your construction calls for. Most of our lead lined drywall is shipped as 5/8 inch think, although 1/2 inch sheetrock is available.

Sheetrock sizes:

  • 4 ft X 8 ft
  • 4 ft X 9 ft
  • 4 ft x 10 ft
  • 4 ft x 12 ft

Lead Sheet Thickness

  • 1/32 in
  • 3/64 in
  • 1/16 in
  • 5/64 in
  • 3/32 in
  • 1/8 in


Lead Lined Doors and Lead Lined Frames

Lead Lined Door Frames

MAYCO lead-lined hollow metal doorframes are manufactured of 16-gauge cold rolled steel and lined with sheet lead equaling surrounding wall lead. Frames are manufactured to wall size and hardware specifications and are available knockdown or welded.

Door Frame Cut Sheet specification

Lead Lined Solid Core Wood Doors

MAYCO Industries lead core doors are manufactured to special order, with lead thickness from 1/32" to 1/2". A continuous lead sheet is placed in the center of a divided wood core and securely fastened with lead covered bolts. Bolt free areas at each corner and in the center of each side provide space for hardware attachment.

Our standard wood veneers include Plain Sliced Red Oak, Rotary Cut Red Oak, Rotary Cut Birch, and Rift Cut White Oak. Many other veneers are available upon request. Plastic laminates complete with edge strips are also available.

We can machine door slabs for almost any hardware as long as it is compatible with the lead core. This includes cylindrical and mortised locksets, butt hinges, pivot hinges, flush bolts, automatic door bottoms and many more. Our standard undercut is 1/8” on each side of the door, 1/8” at the top of the door, and 1/2” at the bottom of the door. Lead lined astragals are included with double door sets.

Door Cut Sheet Door Cut Sheet - Specifications

Hollow Metal Door lite kits are available as is lead oxide glass with either a 1/16” or a 1/8” lead equivalency. Door hardware can also be purchased directly from MAYCO Industries. 


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