115 years ago!!….

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What was 115 years ago?..the invention of X-rays!!!

In 1895, German physics professor Wilhelm Röntgen discovered X-rays by accident. Röntgen named the wavelength “X-ray” because this type of radiation was unknown type, so he referred to it as “X”.


why is this important to me?..well I work in the medical imaging department at the Royal Columbian Hospital..


no..I don’t take the pictures but I bring the patients to the department so the technologists can push the buttons to take the pictures!!


how hard can it be to take pictures all day..take a deep breath…hold your breath..okay breathe away!..I hear those words at least 25-30 times a day!…


once the pictures are done..I return the patients..doesn’t sound like a difficult job now does it…walking, wheelchairs, beds, stretchers… ICU patients with lots of equipment..my day is full of all different kinds of transfers…some are easier than others..

Considering the fact that I started working in the hospital in 1976..serving soup in the dietary department…this job as a ‘medical imaging tech-aide’..is a step up from the beginning..no schooling was involved..just on the job training…

I consider my self very lucky…the benefits outweigh all the other things…sick time..( seven months worth banked)..44 days vacation..good pension plan..medical and dental..can’t really ask for more than that!!

So this week at work there will be a ‘thank-you’ celebration for all the ‘x-ray technologists’  ....for all their hard work….pushing buttons must be  very difficult!!??


All kidding aside…to be an x-ray technologist…    the schooling and on the job training is very involved!..there is a lot more to it than just pushing the button!!

Happy 115th anniversary X-RAY!!