Send in Drones with radiation detecting abilities

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Since the last 50 workers at Fukushima have been evacuated there still needs to be robotic hardware to see what is happening there since it is now unsafe for any human to be there and to stay alive. Because of Reactors 5 and 6 we are now in a Chernobyl type of situation. Because of this, if there are any military or non-military robotic flying drones that could either be helicopter or propeller driven plane drones that could be outfitted with radiation detecting equipment. This is necessary for people not to be unnecessarily exposed to too much radiation.   This could be worse than Chernobyl at this point because there are 6 reactors together with at least 5 reactors in trouble and two of those reactors in trouble have no containment vessels so they might melt right down into the ground and directly affect both the fresh groundwater as well as the ground and ocean there.

It may be that many more people need to be evacuated (thousands to millions) than has been previously understood.

Flying robotic hardware might be the only way to safely check what is happening there radiation wise. Millions of lives might be at stake.