Radioactive Boy

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For a short time today WiiBoy had radioactive blood running through his veins and was briefly renamed.... Radioactive Boy. Oh  the excitement, as we navigated the populace, surrounded by his effervescent green glow whilst trying to keep a 6 feet radius between him and the little, old or impregnated people!

'Oh my God... What have you done to your child', I hear you cry. Don't worry, I haven't fed him anything grown near Sellafield, Chernobyl or Fukushima. Nor did we make a midnight flit to visit one of his favorite TV families in Springfield, USA in order to visit Homer's place of work!

No, today WiiBoy had his yearly kidney check-up and this year's check-up involved a detailed DMSA scan. This requires some magic cream being applied to the child's hands and a cannula subsequently inserted into one hand. Or maybe two hands if the first isn't successful.... sigh! This is followed by the highly sophisticated jelly-on-the-belly ultra- sound scan where, at first glance, all seems unchanged from previous years. At this stage young children get a lollipop for being very brave.... 11 year olds though are seemingly considered to be way too cool for such trivia!

From there we are whisked away to the scarily entitled ....cue scary music.... Nuclear Imaging Department (no sugar coating here!) where WiiBoy's veins are injected with massive doses of radioactive material, immediately transforming him into a green glowing Radioactive Boy for the rest of the day. He must avoid contact with other humans or they will turn to jelly and he must return before the third hour has passed or he himself will disintegrate into a sniveling heap of green goo and....

Nah.... only kidding ya.... had you going there though didn't I? Go on... admit it!! Hehehehe....

Okay, he only gets the teeniest amount of radioactivity that takes 3 hours to course his veins and make his kidneys bright for the next scan! We have to disappear for 3 hours and must avoid contact with young and old people and pregnant women. The lovely young Doctor actually asked me if there was any chance I might be pregnant! The fact he thought I was even slightly the right side of child bearing years made my day! As he endeavoured to avoid children in the Children's Department (a conundrum if ever there was one) Radioactive Boy also made a very determined effort to avoid his own mum on the way out....given that, in his newly super-powered eyes, she fit the criteria of 'old people'!!

We solved the lunch problem by having our first drive-through Mc Donalds ever, sitting in the car! With 2 hours to go we braved 2 shops with a very responsible Radioactive Boy studiously giving wide berth to the relevant people who must be avoided! He ensconced himself and his itouch in a safe corner in Dunnes Stores whilst I got school trousers for him and a little something for me to try on. I whisked him into the changing rooms where the ASD Truth Bug revealed itself and I was told.... 'No, you look fat in that' and apparently, ' Yes' my 'boobs do look big in that'.... Sigh. This of course totally negated all the joy of the Doctor's earlier comment but at least I didn't waste any money buying the outfit!! It also proves that the powers of the ASD Truth Bug is totally impervious to the measly effects of extreme doses of radioactive super powers.

After an argument-inducing trip to  the Game store we high tailed back to the hospital an hour early for the last and final stage of today's exciting trip... The Photo Shoot!

Radioactive Boy's glowing kidneys were considered bright enough for the Gamma Camera Scan. This is where he must lie absolutely still for two 10 minute periods while his ' picture' is taken!! He managed it, just about. Well, he is older now and this is his third such scan. He did good. And I got to see both glowing kidneys! Although it was expected it's still a little upsetting to see the marked differences between both kidneys :-(

Radioactive Boy retained his super powers until approx 8pm this evening and had to avoid outside play with his friends. A real sacrifice that. It turns out that even Super Heroes like Radioactive Boy like to play Xbox, just as much as WiiBoy himself online play with friends was the perfect solution for him!

A perfect end to his day:-)

The Super Hero's mum was in no fit state to argue!