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A recent survey by researchers in Yale University in New Haven, CT suggests that American physicians would prefer to have domestic radiology services, than having teleradiologists, based overseas, report the scans or X-rays of their patients. This survey reflects strong opposition, among a section of clinicians and radiologists, to the globalization of radiology services. While US based radiologists have a reason to feel threatened by their counterparts in Asia, because of loss of their share of the pie, clinicians are concerned about the quality of teleradiology services. More on this at the link:
Survey finds domestic teleradiology preferred by referrers
This represents insecurity and anxiety as the “dirty word” ie: “outsourcing” enters the US medical arena. But if banks, financial institutions and big businesses can do having their work outsourced to India, how long will it be before the American medics follow?
Dr. Joe Antony, MD.
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