Tech Shopping for the day: The Mouse and the Pad Combination

I went to some tech store this early afternoon to buy some mouse and mouse pad for my PC. I tried to find the most affordable and efficient product from the nearest tech store in our town.  The concept of buying a good computer mouse and mouse pad requires some consideration.

Computer Mouse Considerations:
1. The L-Click and R-Click button together with the Scroller must be soft enough to conveniently maneuver any desktop task given.
2. The whole structure of the computer mouse must ergonomically connect to the user’s preference.
3. (for wireless) make sure that the censors are sensitive enough to connect the computer to the user of the computer mouse even the user is more or less 20 meters away from the computer.  The length of a regular meeting room is a good measurement for business presentation.
4. (for wireless) make sure to check the battery size that you will use for your computer mouse.  Availability of some battery specifications are hard to find in the convenient stores.
5. (Mouse with Wire) make sure that the wire is soft, flexible enough for wear and tear. And the length of the wire must be enough to reach your CPU and Keyboard.
6. MOST IMPORTANTLY, buyers for computer mouse must consider the Optical Wheel of the mouse, sensitive enough to detect the slightest movement of the PC user.  Computer Gamers are so particular when it comes to the aspect of the Optical Wheel performance.  Long ago computer mouse are made of “ball Scroller” but today a variety of Optical Mouse Sensors and Laser Mouse Sensors are available to detect the slightest movement of the PC User.

Mouse Pad Consideration:
1. Mouse Pad selection must consider the interaction between the surface of the pad and the optical sensors.  Some Mouse Pad materials will not react towards the movement of the optical sensors.  Make sure that the light or the laser light will interact towards the material of the Mouse Pad.
2. Some regular Mouse Pads are just plain flat rubberize clothing.  But try to consider your wrist, you are staying for many hours in your computer and your wrist must be relaxed to avoid sprain.  A more ergonomically designed Gel like Mouse Pad is more useful in avoiding wrist sprains.  It will ease the tension while the PC user is in motion.

Computer Mouse and Mouse Pad boredom consideration:
1. In working whole day in your computer sometimes create not only body and wrist aches but also boredom.  In order to break the monotonous office work, try buying some colorful mouse pads with a variety of picture characters.  Some are in a combination design and color with the Mouse.  In other words you can have your own choice of color and character in your office.

For my own choice, I’ll consider the technical and ergonomic advantages of the product to enhance my daily PC works.