This structure laser pulse compression and passively mode-locked dye laser system

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Wavelength tuning range of 562.5-604.5nm, than the passive mode-locking saturable absorber tuning range. Like this with the pump pulse synchronous gain modulation method, because in two or more different wavelengths of light to be synchronized with the signal pulse sequence, so in many spectral measurements will be applied. Used to passively mode-locked dye saturation method, due to saturable absorption saturation and dye for the dye laser medium with gain saturation effects exist, so the available pulse width is very narrow. Solid-state lasers with different, even in the case of low input, but also the rapid formation of the gain saturation effects, the use of a long recovery time can also be saturated mode-locked dye. Now, a continuous passive mode-locked dye laser to generate ultrashort optical pulses of a mature technology. Focus on the two-cavity saturable gain optically pumped dye (Rhodamine 6G) and the saturable absorber dye (DODCI) at 514.5nm with the work of the hydrogen ion laser as the pump source. The manager decides to implement the strategy of price-off sales to push the sales of laser pointer .
As the cavity components to a minimum, reduce the group velocity dispersion, and to maintain broadband oscillator cavity, which is the formation of ultrashort optical pulses are required. This structure laser pulse compression and passively mode-locked dye laser system is very similar. If we consider the introduction of a ring cavity surrounded by the light pulse, as it many times are subject to amplification and gain dye saturable absorber dye absorption, the light pulse is shaping. Leading edge by the saturable absorber priority clipping. Forefront of priorities pulse amplification laser cavity coupled with the loss of so many times by the pulse along the cavity when they are effectively limiting, until it reaches the limit of pulse width.
Number of variables in the wave Raman spectra, the Stokes lines and anti-Stokes lines distributed symmetrically on both sides of the Rayleigh scattering line; general, than the Stokes anti-Stokes line line strength. Raman scattering radius of typical quantum explanation. According to quantum theory point of view, the frequency of the incident monochromatic light can be seen as 0 is a zero energy photon. When the photons and matter are two possibilities when molecules collide, one is the elastic collision, the other a non-elastic collision. In the elastic collision process, there is no energy exchange, the photon only change the direction of motion, which is Rayleigh scattering; rather than elastic collision not only changed the direction of motion, and energy exchange, which is Raman scattering.