Stressed Out Foot

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Yup, it's a stress fracture. After about two weeks of denial, I finally sucked it up and went to the health center on campus where I got an X-Ray; they told me it looked normal, but that I should try to see an orthopedist. Luckily there's a walk-in clinic just outside College City where I was able to see someone that afternoon. She confirmed that yes, technically the X-ray looked normal but that stress fractures don't usually show up on them anyway...regardless, I was having sharp, localized pain right along my third metatarsal (a.k.a. prime stress fracture location). So chances are good it's broken. To be fair I think she was being particularly cautious given that I showed up  hollering "I NEED TO BE CURED BY MY VACATION IN TWO WEEKS." Hence the boot.

I am handling it better than I thought. This is turning out to be a useful exercise in curbing my longstanding exercise compulsion. No running obviously, but it's the lack of walking that is really testing me. Usually I trek all over the place - to campus, to my job, to the grocery store on the corner, to friends' apartments in my neighborhood, etc. And sometimes I take a lap around the block just because I'm feeling antsy or claustrophobic or fat or whatever. So even outside any "formal" exercise I am pretty active in my day-to-day life, but with this damn boot I am basically doing no walking whatsoever and it is a STRUGGLE. I am not one to sit still or veg on the couch. Especially in summer when it is sunny and nice out! BUT the best thing I can do is chill out and give my foot a break for a hot sec to just like relax and heal and not be so damn STRESSED. Thank goodness for Netflix and books and podcasts and blogs and other forms of distraction for this crazy kid.

And hey, at least it isn't crutches and a cast, right?