Amazing history of airport security door

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In modern society,
X-ray security detecting system aren't just used in airport. With the development of science and technology, security inspection machine has evolved in to different types, such as walk-through scanner and hand held scanner. These security inspection machines are designed to stop people carrying guns or other dangerous items. Security door, as an essential device to ensure safety are widely used in many public places, including police stations, night clubs, schools, public and private places. You may wonder how does security inspection machine developed. Now let's get a look at the security door history.
Speaking of x ray baggage scanner price history, I have to mention a big event happened in USA history. In July 1881, US President James A. Garfield was shot because one of the bullets aimed at the President lodged inside his body couldn't be found. This event contributed to the invention of an electromagnetic metal-locating device called induction balance by Telephone pioneer Alexander Graham Bell based on an earlier invention by German physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. Although the bullet wasn't found and the President later died, Bell's device did work correctly, and many people credit it as the very first electromagnetic metal locator.
It was recognized that German-born electronics engineer Gerhard Fischer was the inventor of portable metal detectors. While he was living in the United States, he applied for a patent on the idea in January 1933. He called his invention the Metalloscope—a "method and means for indicating the presence of buried metals such as ore, pipes, or the similar substance. In the same year, he founded Fisher Research Laboratory for study which remains a leading manufacturer of metal detectors to this day.

During the 1980s, the X Ray baggage scanner on sales's accuracy was developed along with its ability to identify types of metals detected by its transmitting field. As time went by, the size of the security inspection machine shrunk considerably, making them even more user-friendly and portable. Modern
security apparatus now have the ability to pinpoint their targets, measure the depth of the metal's location, and even inform the user on the nature of the metal. Further developments have been made to make the technology more sophisticated, thus increasing its possibilities of application. Many manufacturers provide high quality metal detectors with advanced technology. If you are looking for security metal detectors that are economical, durable, and easy to use, shanghai Eastimage is the ideal choice. For more information, you can visit