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He is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and more! He is no other than the most recognizable superhero the world has ever known - SUPERMAN.

Superman has a wide range of superpowers. He is super strong, super resilient, he can fly, he is super fast, he shoots laser beams from his eyes, has x-ray vision, can freeze objects with his super breath, and, for his lesser known powers he also has super hearing, super memory and super intellect which makes SUPERMAN a genius too!

All those super powers rolled into one person makes SUPERMAN the superhero everyone looks up to. He is the hero every person desires to be.

Supposing it were possible to borrow Superman's powers at least for one week, what would I do with it?

For every super power Superman has, here is what I will do with them in one week:

Flying - It would be great to travel the world. But why stop there? Why not go to the moon, nearby planets, stars? The universe has a lot to offer. Flying to and from work also allows me to get more quality time for my family. Traffic will not be an issue for a week.

Super Strength - I can use this to help build a better country. How? with my super strength, I can help build classrooms for the indigenous and homes for homeless people, build roads for easy access to vital services, build bridges and more! Our country deserves more specially from our politicians. But if anyone has a special gift like this, he should do his part to improve our land.

Super Resilient / Invulnerability - I would use this to shield our police officers and soldiers from harm when they need to perform their duty. Our poor officers on duty lack the equipment they need all thanks to corruption in our country. One week may not be enough but at least it can still save lives.

Super Intellect - Given a week, I would use my powers to solve some our country's major problems. We have so many problems right now, like corruption, traffic, booming population, territorial crisis, insurgency, and more. Making solutions may be great, but it is up to our leaders to implement them. If I were smart enough, I would elect the best person to advise the president before my one week is up.

X-Ray Vision - I can help out those who are sick and poor by giving free them x-ray exams. Plus I can easily identify problems with sewage lines around Metro Manila. It would be great if clogs can be eliminated ASAP.

Heat Vision - With heat coming from my eyes, I can help my wife cook delicious meals without using the stove. I can make water boil for my baby's milk and bottle sterilization. With that, I can help save money for my family.

Freeze breath - I can save money on my electricity bill by not using the refrigerator for one week, since I can make ice cubes, make cold water, chill meat and produce, etc.

Super hearing - With it, I'm sure to wake up in the wee hours of the morning when my little baby boy cries for his milk and if he needs to change his diapers.

Super memory - Now I won't be scolded by my wife if I forget to buy the grocery items we need since I am not fond of making a list.

Super Speed - I will do all my office and house chores in record time. And since I have all the time in the world, I can give all the remaining time to my wife and baby boy.

With all those powers in one week, I can make a difference in many people's lives, not just my own. For the betterment of the country, service to the poor, quality time with family. That for me matters most.

We all want to be Superman, even for a week because Superman is also the embodiment of freedom - freedom from oppression, freedom from our own and world problems and freedom from our physical limitations.

But even if we can't be Superman, at least we can be free from being unkempt and unshaven. Thanks to the Schick line of products.

When you avail of any of the specially marked Superman - Schick razor packs entitles you to win Superman movie prizes and limited Superman premium items.

Schick. Free Your Skin.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No.1843 Series of 2013.