Cavities in Young Children Increasing

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Recently, the incidence of tooth decay has been rising particularly in young children! How can this be? Over the years, we have seen the beneficial effects of fluoride and increased dental care cause a reduction the incidence of caries. New studies indicate this change may be due to increased use of sugary drinks and foods in young children. There are a lot of other factors that go into causing cavities, but looking at this recent news well, I think we all need to focus again on the obvious.

What can we do? 1. reduce the frequency of sugary drinks and foods. Don't let your child use a sippy cup like a pacifier, carrying it around taking one sip every 2 minutes for an hour. Don't put children over 1 year of age to bed with a bottle filled with juice or milk. Just put water in there unless it is meal time. 2. Get your child to the dentist by one year of age. That way we can detect problems early and create good habits from the beginning. 3. Larger issues surrounding access to care need to be addressed.

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