Frogspawn and a few more Moths

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Frogs have been moving around in the pond for at least the last 10 days and there was a lot more activity last Friday and by lunchtime the first frogspawn had appeared

It was difficult to get many photos as the frogs were still very nervy and dived for cover frequently.

Early on Saturday morning the yearly frog "orgy" was well and truly underway with a mass of frogs - sadly it was too dark and gloomy to get photos but there were many more clumps of frogspawn by nine a.m.

GMS Week 2 Friday, 13th March

Min Temp 2.5

Only two moths but one new for year!

Hebrew Character (Orthosia gothica) x 1

Clouded Drab (Orthosia incerta) x 1 NFY

Worn Clouded Drab

I've managed to id the micro from last weekend's trapping session - Agonopterix heracliana agg. This species is very similar to A ciliella - they can only be reliably separated by dissection - a route I have no wish to go down!! Not only a new species for the year but also new for the garden.

Sorry really blurred photo of the micro (heavily cropped)

This brings current total year list to 8.

Thanks to Dave and Ian (on Twitter) for id confirmation.