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Don't worry, we still don't have any.  And they are looking to change what we do have...

Don't forget there are still questions on the legality of HOW the new ethics committee was formed in the first place.

Attend the meeting.  Be heard, or continue to be sheep.

Some interesting comments from THE PEOPLE in Fort Worth.  You know, the ones the Ethics Committee is supposed to look out for.

What are the proposed amendments? Is it a rehash of the same ones proposed before, that violated State Law?

Has anyone received any information on the meeting regarding the Fort Worth Code of Ethics changes? Despite Ethics Committee member Jim Lanes request for interested individuals to be informed on these matters, it seems the City of Fort Worth leadership chooses to keep people in the dark as usual. It would also seem this matter should be postponed until after the Election.

Thursday, June 9, 2011
2:00 P.M.

City Hall, City Manager’s Large Conference Room (Room 380), City Hall,
1000 Throckmorton, Fort Worth, Texas 76102

1. Call to Order/Welcome - Robert Aldrich, Chair
2. Approve Minutes of April 29, 2011 Meeting - Robert Aldrich, Chair
3. Discussion and Review of Proposed Amendments to the City’s Ethics Code - Sarah Fullenwider, City Attorney, Peter Vaky, Deputy City Attorney
4. Citizen Comments (5 minute limit per speaker) - Robert Aldrich, Chair
5. Future Agenda Items - Committee
6. Next Meeting – To be Discussed
7. Adjournment