Features of Quality Baggage Scanner

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As we know, nowadays the X-ray baggage scanner is useful for scan the logistics, temples, airports, public gather for protection. Different security apparatus  have different specifications.  Today I want to talk about the X-ray baggage scanner specifications with you.
The first X-ray baggage scanner specifications are the working principle of X-ray baggage scanners. When the items in the baggage to be inspected are subjected to x-ray radiation, it will block the package detection sensor. An operator Assist helps the operator by highlighting suspect objects usually of Z-number which is a dual-energy system or particular density without impeding the belt. Operator Assist is usually used for automatic detection of narcotic, contrabands, and explosives. When a detection signal is sent to the system control part, X-rays generates trigger signal to trigger walkthrough metal detector. After, a beam will pass through the fan X-ray beam collimator by conveying articles seized on the band. Not until the X-rays are fully absorbed by energy semiconductor detector, it will be installed in the passage. Finally the X-ray detector will become a weak signal which will be amplified and sent to the signal processing chassis for further processing.
The second X-ray baggage scanner specifications are the sizes of X-ray baggage scanners. Actually, the X-ray baggage scanner dimensions range from small to large in different areas. There are big X-ray baggage scanner, medium X-ray baggage scanner and small X-ray baggage scanner. The big X-ray baggage scanner is widely used for checking and scanning baggage in air ports, multiplexes, railway stations, cargo field and so on. Medium X-ray baggage scanners are widely used in government buildings and some public building. The small X-ray baggage scanner is widely used for inward package inspection at banks, government buildings, ports, airports, hotels and post offices. This small size X-ray baggage scanner is a very effective tool in detecting mini bomb in letters.
The last X-ray baggage scanner specifications are the maintenance of walkthrough metal detectors. The X-ray baggage scanner user should make sure the lead curtain is complete with favorable performance to block the radiation, which is secure for both of the personnel and the passengers as well. When there is something wrong of the airport security X-ray baggage scanners, it is necessary to ask the related experts for help in time to make sure the completion of the airport security X-ray baggage scanners use. It is necessary to lube the delivering belt frequently to make sure the normal running of the belts of the airport security X-ray baggage scanners. Keep the components clean, which is beneficial to avoid some unnecessary blockage from the impurities.

Those are the basic knowledge of X-ray baggage scanner specifications. If you know this well, you can use the X-ray baggage scanner well too.