broken arm adds MORE crazy

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i just realized that nothing has been posted in weeks!  it is just a testament to the last insane week.  why is the week before school always crazier than the first week of school? i was already anxious about last week and getting everything done.... we had something EVERY evening and most nights i had something to make and bring with me.  CRAZY!!!  and, then, on Sunday caleb took a casual fall off the high bar at the park and instantly grabbed his arm.

we waited a couple of hours to check the validity of the hurt arm because there were no outward indications.  then, it was off to care now for xrays. 

xrays showed blood in the elbow joint but no apparent break.  they sent us off to the ortho the next day. 

ortho showed the SAME thing... we can't find that break. he will return to the ortho tuesday to have a third round of xrays and we are hoping they find what they suspect and can cast it.  if they do not find a break, he will be getting an MRI.

of course, caleb will be starting his school career TOMORROW with a cast on his writing arm.  he is such an easy kid... it is not slowing him down.  he even wrote his name with a paintbrush with his left hand yesterday.