Protein Shake Timing and Frequency

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I picked up some whey protein tonight. The brand is Body Fortress. I have never done protein shakes before so I didn't want to spend too much money. You know how being frugal is! Anyway, this protein has 26g of protein per scoop. My question for you is: If I'm trying to lose weight while gaining muscle, what is the best route to take for the protein? Should I be consuming a shake every day? If so, what is the best time to consume? In the book you had mentioned drinking one for a snack. Let me know! I eat a couple eggs every morning so I might just do the protein shake right after my workout. So, this leads to another question. Should I work out before or after dinner? Since I will be consuming the protein shake after my work out, I didn't know. 

Mike's Answer:
Workout timing is tricky sometimes with dinner and protein shakes. Here is what I would recommend. Don't workout sooner than 30 minutes after dinner. Have a protein shake post-workout no matter what. If you are eating dinner after your workout/protein shake, wait another 30 minutes before you eat dinner so you don't overload your system. Choose whatever makes the most sense to you and just make sure you get in your workouts! That is key, don't let confusing nutrition or timing cause you to end up skipping your workout completely.

Michael J. Schiemer
Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of RESULTS Private Fitness
Author of The Frugal Diet and The Frugal Workout