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Tutorial 3: Photoelectric Effect and Compton Scattering 1. In a photoelectrical effect experiment, blowsy with a wavelength of 400nm is fire onto a cadmium intent. It is prize that when there is zero say-so across the electrodes, a current construe of zero amperes is obtained across the ammeter. What falls to the ammeter reading if: (a) the intensity of the light source is tripled? Explain. (b) the batterys voltage is increased to +5V? Explain. (c) a sodium target is apply instead, at the original intensity and zero utilize voltage? Explain. 2. In another photoelectric experiment with sodium as the target, it is observed that at a particular light intensity when the wavelength is 300nm, the negatron ejection number is about gravitational constant per second. Suppose we back tooth measure the negatron ejection rate and kinetic strength of the ejected electrons. (a) What ordain be observed as the intensity is rock-bottom grad ually to 0.001 of its present value? (b) What will be observed as the colour of light used is varied from the removed infrared range to the far ultraviolet range? (c) From what we recover in the previous parts, what can you take off about the nature of light? Give at least(prenominal) 4 inferences and beg off how you arrived at them. 3.
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(a) In the photoelectric experiment, it does not reckon whether the electron is free or bounded. Do you agree? Explain your answer, verifying it quantitatively. (b) What about the Compton experiment? Does it matter? 4. Is it possible for Compton scattering to happen with visible light? If it is, why ca! nt we observe it? If it is not, why cant it? Explain your argument. 5. We have learnt the Compton compare to be given by ? ? = h(1 cos?)/mec . This allows us to work out the Compton wavelength to be 2.43 x 10-12m. However, if you examine further, you will realize that quantum chemical mechanism shortly has no mechanical understanding of the cause of the Compton wavelength, and this whitethorn be attributed to...If you want to get a full essay, rules of order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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