Portable Ultrasound Machine

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Looking for portable Ultrasound Machine? Portable ultrasound make easy for the medical healthcare service to use it, They can bring their ultrasound machine to the many place when they need an ultrasound equipment. There are many company has launched the ultrasound machine with small size (hand-carried or pocket size) and multi function system with high resolution image to support medical staff (physicians, nurses, EMTs and clinical professionals) in order to get quickly in examination process even in the crucial first minutes of an emergency situation.

  • Pocket Ultrasound Siemens 'Acuson P10'

  • Siemens Medical Solutions is a medical supplier company located in Germany, They launched an ultrasound machine 'Acuson P10' as pocket size on October 2007. This is the first pocket ultrasound system, It is intended for complementary initial diagnostic care and triage, particularly in cardiology, emergency care and obstetrics.

    Acuson P10 is a new portable ultrasound device that used to support medical team to get fast diagnostic, especially in emergency situation. More information about Ultrasound Siemens 'Acuson P10', click here : Acuson P10.

  • Portable Ultrasound SonoSite M-Turbo

  • SonoSite M-Turbo launched on october 2007, This is portable ultrasound device with a laptop-sized released by SonoSite company. SonoSite company is medical machine supplier which located in United Kingdom, They has released many of hand-carried ultrasound equipment such as ultrasound machine Portable SonoSite MicroMaxx, Portable SonoSite M-Turbo and Portable SonoSite S-Series.

    Ultrasound SonoSite M-Turbo has features a variety of clinical applications, boasting new power computer processing capabilities courtesy of Microsoft and Texas Instruments. The user can get a brilliant image quality, by using DaVinci technology. Its used for the abdominal, cardiac, nerve, vascular, venous access, small parts and superficial imaging. Get more information here : SonoSite M-Turbo.

  • Portable Ultrasound "BladderScan(R) BVI 9400"

  • Ultrasound machine "BladderScan(R) BVI 9400" is 3D ultrasound system to measures urinary bladder volume and post-void residual (PVR) quickly and accurate result, It is small ultrasound device which use noninvasive instrument with patent pending NeuralHarmonics(TM) Technology released by Verathon® as medical equipment supplier located in USA.

    The BladderScan® is portable ultrasound system that used by medical service team to do an examination in Urology, Acute Care, Primary Care Physicians, and Extended Care and is considered a standard of care. Read more here : BladderScan®.

  • Portable Ultrasound 'FFsonic UF-4100'

  • Portable Ultrasound 'FFsonic UF-4100' is a portable ultrasound that released by Fukuda Denshi Co, Ltd. The FFsonic UF-4100 is used for multi function examination such as Obstetrics, Abdominal, Cardiovascular, Small Parts and Veterinary.

    This is an ultrasound machine with Multi-Frequency Function enables selection of 3 frequencies in each Transducer, Built-in Large Track Ball, High image resolution. Others specification for the Ultrasound 'FFsonic UF-4100' click here : Portable Ultrasound 'FFsonic UF-4100'.