Week 7

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Now 19, Vasha still remembers the first time she snorted Adderall. She narrowly escaped being kicked out of school completely and pleaded to be given another chance. Although she had to meet with a counselor on a regular basis and stay out of school for a few days, she knows it could have been worse. Still, she wishes that she never listened to that bratty kid Spence who talked her into trying. Even though they got caught in the act, she remembers going home that night and feeling so out of control that she tried it on her own. Then, she was hooked. From there, it was a gradual progression of things to try to help her deal with her emotions and impulse control -- first, she tried some Xanax that she got from Spence -- she was so "out of it" that she can barely remember what he tried to do to her. She thinks that they didn't have sex, but she's never been sure. She just knows that she made the decision right there and then not to hang around him anymore.

She found plenty of other kids, though, who kept her supplied with downers and amphetamines. She would alternate these to try to manage her moods. School became a blur, and her grades dropped substantially in a short time. She was seen as a "bad kid" -- beyond reaching, beyond help. Her "choice" to try snorting Adderall was something she wishes she could go back and change. She got suspended again when, in another state of mind, she threw a punch at a teacher. At that point, the school placed her in "alternative school" and essentially washed its hands of her. She managed to graduate and has been living with her mother, working odd jobs and generally wondering what comes next.

Her latest boyfriend, Chad, was her supplier. Chad and Vasha would have huge fights and then collapse into a mish-mash of marijuana smoke and sex. Chad never told Vasha that he was HIV+, and she didn't find out until long after she learned that she was pregnant. 

* Given Vasha's diagnosis of ADHD, why would the school have been able to do what they did? What is the problem with that course of action?

* What could Vasha's mother have done when the school was not meeting her Special Education needs regarding her disability? Why do you think her mother did not advocate for her daughter? Provide some hypotheses.  

* What do you think accounts for Vasha's choice of partners? Why doesn't she just make better choices?

* If she were willing to participate, what services would you recommend for Vasha? Where could she go to get these services? How would she pay? Is she eligible for Medicaid or other public assistance regarding medical care?


What does Vasha do now that she is pregnant?