Pictures, more pictures, and x-rays!!

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Wow, in a few weeks it'll be 5 months since surgery. I realize I start almost every post like this, but it's incredible to be able to say "its been 5 months" instead of "5 months UNTIL surgery". as you can imagine, it's a much better feeling. I'm just so happy with my results and I feel so good being able to say that I went through jaw surgery and came out stronger.

And noowwww for some pictures!!! Here are my x-rays. I apologize for not getting them out sooner, I've been so busy with school and all. Right now I should be studying for chemistry, but you guys are so much more important, right? ♥


 (I couldn't close my mouth yet because this was taken one weeks post-surgery and my lips were still the size of Russia). 

So I'd like to direct your attention to my airway in both x-rays. What do you notice? I notice a very large increase in the size! In fact, they DOUBLED the size of it. As in multiplied by two. It's amazing how much better I can breathe. Another thing to focus on besides the outline of my skull would be my bite. Mmm. So perfect in the second one. My chompers line up absolutely perfectly. And thirdly, my nose. I'm not sure if they straightened my nose a little (it is still deviated, but not as much). I'm not sure if it's an "optical illusion" because now since my chin was brought out my nose looks more proportional, or if they actually operated on it. Either way it looks better, so whatevssss.

Now, talk about dramatic change. Here is my freshman school picture compared to my sophomore one (this year).



I will be the first one to tell you, my school pictures ALWAYS suck. Every year. And I am not photogenic. At all. 
Regardless, you can see that my appearance changed for the better after surgery. 

Here are what I'm calling my "official" before/after pictures, even though I took them myself. When I get the REAL official ones from my doc, I'll post those. But for now:

And here's just a regular, everyday profile picture that I just took today!