Lead Lined Products for radiation protection

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Radiation shielding  used to protect people and the environment from harmful effects of radiation. Lead lined products are of great importance for radiation protection and used worldwide in several facilities.

The importance of radiation shielding

Radiation shielding is necessary because people in various fields may be exposed to worrying levels of radiation that may damage skin tissues and cause hazardous diseases like cancer. The equipment in medical fields like x-ray equipment, thyroid equipment etc. is covered with masses of lead to patients from radiation overexposure.

In which industries are these lead lined products used?

1.  Lead lined products  are used in medical fields like dental equipment, x-ray machines, vetinary etc. This ensures safety for the patients and staff who work frequently with them.
2. Nuclear medicine accessories are used to hold nuclear medicines are made with lead lining products. Also syringes used to hold these medicines are shielded with lead.
3. Shipping containers that hold radioactive active materials are also shielded with lead to ensure safety while transportation.
4. In nuclear power industries, to protect the workers and environment from powerful gamma and neutron radiation, lead shielding is vigorously used.
5. Many lead products like  lead plates  and   lead bricks  are used in defence industries like submarines where nuclear power is used.
6.  Lead sheets  and other lead products are used in construction industry to best suit ant radiation issues.

Lead lined products

Medi-RayTM1  is devoted to innovation in lead metal technology. Medi-RayTM is noted as the industry leader in radio-pharmaceutical containers. The essential elements of solidity and porosity-free castings have been the focus of Medi-RayTM packaging engineers and radiation physicists.
Medi-Ray’s staff of engineers, in concert with numerous security, detection and scanning equipment companies, has developed the latest in shielding components. Medi-Ray’s lead components are utilized in a wide variety of security environments from port security to air-line baggage, mail and freight applications. Medi-RayTM has the shielding components you need: sheet lead and foils, adhesive backed and coated lead materials, custom components and lead stampings.

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