More near-IR pictures

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Edit: many more photos on Facebook. :D

Playing around with the webcam again. It's a GE EasyCam, which was quite easy to customize: the head assembly has two halves that snap apart easily after a screw is removed, and then the whole lens part screws off and that part has the IR filter in back. Pry it out with a needle and cut a couple of tiny squares of black film negative, put them in place (mine fit perfectly under the tabs, w00t), reassemble, done. I realized during the process that you don't even have to remove the stand.

So here's what I've got this afternoon, while the clouds are clearing up but the sun is setting. First, my black sleeves show up lighter than my powder-blue T-shirt:

Lighter even than my (Polish/Viking) skin:

Also, the near-IR spectrum does freaky things to eyes (not just an anomaly in this picture):

(A goth kid's dream.)

The dark, yellowish-green bushes outside contrast with the more bluish-green fir tree:

And another for extra credit.