The Femoral Head Notch

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The femoral head notch is a defect at the vertex of the proximal femoral ossification center in mid-childhood. This may be seen as a normal variant and can be mistaken for early or "abortive" Legg-Perthes disease.

It can be differentiated from Legg-Perthes by noting the absence of associated changes of ischemic necrosis: diminished size and sclerosis of the ossification center, widening of the distance between the medial acetabular wall and the ossification center, and a fracture line.

Defects seen in intermediate stage Legg-Perthes disease may mimic the femoral head notch, but are located lateral to the vertex, not centrally.

Finally, abnormalities in Legg-Perthes disease are characteristically more obvious and better defined on the lateral view, while the femoral head notch is actually less defined on this view.


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