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Rakuri Srikanth
Male, Indian, 28
House No.C-7,Dharam Karam Road, Ameerpet.
Email ID: [email protected]
Contact No. : (+91)9652222311

Career Objective
·     To bring life to characters through animation while continuously challenging my artistic ability and to fulfill my creative aspirations in my work
·     To enjoy the growth of my skills and talents among a team of dedicated artists Producing commercial and industrial computer graphics, Animation and special effects
·     To teach and mentor other artists to achieve their full potential
·     Mapping client's user requirements and providing them best solutions involving evaluation and definition of the scope of the project and finalisation of the project requirements.
·     Handling end to end management of multiple projects from conceptualisation and visualisation to technology mapping and final execution of projects.
·     Allocating resources among team members and guiding team members till final delivery.
·     Holding review meetings to monitor progress of project as per schedule, and ensuring timely completion & delivery of the project to the client.
·     Planning and designing layout of graphics for static / dynamic multimedia presentations using the multimedia tools; designing websites as per content of the website.
·     Creating 3D art assets for a next generation game titled under the direction.
·     Animating both human and non-human characters.
·     Making sets of in-game animations for a variety of characters & creatures.
·     Exporting, testing & tuning animations in the game engine.
·     Interacting with clientele to ascertain needs and developing graphic directions, concepts and specifications for assigned projects.
·     Planning production schedules for various steps in the design process.

Highlights of Qualification

·     Proficiency in 3D Animation using Maya and 3Ds Max
·     Strong Sense of Timing, Weight and Body Language
·     Proven ability to learn new programs efficiently and quickly
·     Specialist Organic 3D Modeler
·     A very keen eye for Modeling and detail
·     Expressing thoughts, ideas and emotions through animation
·     An experience of 8+ yrs in 3D graphics


Maya,3ds Max, Motion Builder,

Vue X stream, Real Flow Blender.

Print Media Tools
Adobe Photoshop

A/V Tools
After Effects, Premiere Pro, Boujou, Fusion. Nuke.

Extra Activities   
Clay Modeling & Animation, Cut-out animation.

Operating System
Windows 7, Vista, XP, 98

Area of knowledge
·     Character Animation, Mechanical Animation. (Maya, 3ds max)
·     Mocap Animation Solving using Motion Builder
·     Maya Lighting and Rendering
·     Maya Rigging
·     Live Tracking
·     Cut Out Animation
·     Stop Motion Animation


·     Organization                                       Advitha Creative Studios (NTR Arts)
·     Designation                                             3D Gernelist
·     Organization URL                 www.advitha.com
·     Duration                                          Dec-26-2011 to Till Date


               Project Title:                                                       Nuvva Nena
               Role:                                                                                    Modeller, Rigger Animator, FX Artist.                                                                       
               Team Size                                       15
               Client:                                                                               SVK
               Environment:                                                        Autodesk Maya. 12
               Done By Me                                    Crocodile Sequence, Bee Animation, Traffic Extended and etc

               Project Title:                                                       Endukuante Premanta
               Role:                                                                                    Modeller, Rigger Animator, FX Artist (Hair and Fur).                              
               Team Size                                       20
               Client:                                                                                SRI SRAVATI MOVIES
               Environment :                                                       Autodesk Maya12, Nuke.
                Done By Me                                    Tiger Rig and Animation, Lighting and Rendering, etc

               Project Title :                                                      Gundelo Godhari
               Role:                                                                                    Modeller, Rigger, Animator, FX Artist, Fluids .
               Team Size                                       20
               Client:                                                                               LAXMI PRASANA PICTURES
               Environment:                                                       Autodesk Maya. 12, Nuke. Real Flow.
               Done By Me                                    Eagle Animation Entire Sequence, Flood Simulation.etc..

               Project Title:                                                       Om-Stereo 3D (Kalyan Ram Movie)
               Role:                                                                                    Modeller, Texturer,Rigger, Animator, FX Artist, Fluids.
               Team Size                                       25
               Client:                                                                               NTR ARTS
               Environment:                                                        Autodesk Maya 12,3Ds Max, Nuke. Real Flow.
               Done By Me                               Vehicle models and rigging, Dynamic shots, Stereo comp, Bridge                                                                      Sequence blasts etc..

               Project Title:                                                       ONGOLE GITTA
               Role:                                                                                   Modeller, Rigger, Animator, FX Artist, Fluids.
               Team Size                                       25
               Client:                                                                               SRI SRAVATI MOVIES
               Environment:                                                        Autodesk Maya 12, Nuke.

               Project Title:                                                       LEgend
               Role:                                                                                    3D Generalist.
               Team Size                                       25
               Client :                                                                               14 Reels,Varahi Chalana cHitra
               Environment:                                                        Autodesk Maya 12, Nuke.


·     Organization                                       MASC
·     Designation                                             3D Animation Lead(E Learning)
·     Organization URL                 www.masc.asia
·     Duration                                          4-10-2010 to Dec 21 2011.

·     Organization                                   Arena Animation Vadapalani
·     Designation                                            3D Technical Trainer(Animation Engineering Dep)
·     Organization URL                     www.arenavadapalani.com
·     Duration                                             May 2007 to October 2010.
·     Organization                                       DQ Entertainment Ltd
·     Designation                                                3D Animator
·     Organization URL                         www.dqentertainment.com
·     Duration                                             October 2005 to May 2007.

Oct’05-May’2007 ~ DQ Entertainment (Int.) Pvt. Ltd., Banjarahills, Hyderabad, A.P.  Character Animator in 3D

·     Responsibilities include working with a team based on pre-production material under animation supervisor according to clients’ requirements. 
Significant Highlight:
Ä Worked as character animator (3D) international projects like Jungle Book (DQE home grown 3D animated series, Mickey Mouse Club House (MMCH – Walt Disney T.V. Shows), Pinky & Perky (Method Films - France)
Ä DQ Entertainment awarded appreciation letter for my works of character animation.
Ä Worked with few other short-term international projects like Little Nicholas (Method Films - France) and      ‘THE HIVE’ (U.K. based) co-production with DQE.

PROJECTS                                                       DQ ENTERTAINMENT
Project Title:                                                         Pinky & Perky
Role:                                                                           Character Animator                                                                                          Team Size: 15
Client:                                                                                   Method Films, France
Environment:                                                           Autodesk Maya. 8.0
Description:                                    The project to an age group of 15 and below has the famous Pinky & Perky characters. The duos are children who anchor in a popular T.V. Channel. The episodes theme is to make a show. The style of we followed in this snappy animation .
Project Title:                                                          Mickey Mouse Club House (MMCH)
Role:                                                                          Character Animator                                                                              Team Size: 20
Client:                                                                                  Walt Disney
Environment:                                                           Autodesk Maya. 8.0
Description:                                    Mickey Mouse Club House is an international project of Walt Disney. This show is basically designed for kids aged between 3 to 7 years. The style we followed in this show is smooth animation.
Project Title :                                                         Skyland
Role:                                                                          Character Animator                                                                                  Team Size: 20
Client:                                                                                   Method Films, France
Environment:                                                           Autodesk Maya. 8.0

Project Title:                                                          Iron man
Role:                                                                           Character Animator                                                                              Team Size: 15
Client:                                                                                   DQ Entertainment
Environment:                                                           Autodesk Maya. 8.5
Description:                                   Project involved this show which is designed for kids aged between 6 to 15 years. The Style followed in this show is snappy and semi-realistic animation .

·     Organization                                       Chinnimaya Technologies
·     Designation                                                3D Animator/Training Executive
·     Organization URL                
·     Duration                                             December 2004 to September2005.

·     Organization                                       4D Multimedia
·     Designation                                                3D Animator
·     Organization URL                
·     Duration                                             As a Trainee

Optimize 3D arts for creating realistic environment.  
Create 3D models from photos and real-world objects.
Troubleshoot problems on reintegration of outsourced assets into the 3D arts.
Develop high poly sculpts and textures for 3D arts.
Create 3D assets for arts and models.
Ensure to meet high artwork standards.
Understand the project requirements and develop high quality 3D models accordingly

·         Higher Diploma in Animation in Arena Animation Institute, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh
·         B.Sc (M.P.E) from Kakatiya University, Vaagdevi College, Warangal

·                     Play Games 3D
·                     Interior Designing
·                     Water Painting
·                     Member – Blood Donation Club in college
·                     Captain - Cricket team in school and college
·         Father’s Name                                                                   R. Nageshwara rao
·         Mothers Name                                                                               Smt. Padma kamala
·         DOB                                                                                                            28 Nov 1985
·         Linguistic Proficiency                                                          Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English