Teleradiology is here to stay

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Teleradiology pioneer says global outsourcing is here to stay, By: N. Shivapriya. He keeps a low profile but Dr Arjun Kalyanpur is easily the most well-known radiologist practising teleradiology in India today. His firm, Teleradiology Solutions, not only provides services to hospitals in the U.S. but is also in the process of establishing business relationships with hospitals in Singapore, Japan, and the U.K. As someone who is assistant clinical professor in the department of diagnostic radiology at Yale University, U.S., but practises out of India, Kalyanpur is in a unique position to comment on both sides of the outsourcing debate. There is definitely scope for expansion. In India, teleradiology is constrained by the unreliable infrastructure and the high cost of bandwidth. Well-trained Indian radiologists can benefit patients outside their cities via a good teleradiology network.

Given that the U.S. sets great store by the quality of their training and practice standards, it is only appropriate that the expectation of that standard of care be met.
By N. Shivapriya staff writer, August 20, 2004
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