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Waiting for the dentist!!!

So a big part of this journey here at Paracelsus is dentistry. Our teeth  are way more important then you think and Im not just talking cosmetics people! If our teeth are unhealthy, it can cause disturbances in our organs or in other functions of the body. For instance, dental problems could cause chronic sinus issues, headaches, back problems and/or diseases of the joints. Every tooth in these little mouths of ours is connected with a meridian or our body and the lymphatic system. An infected tooth or inflammed jaw may well cause disturbances in the respective part of the functional system. We think that we go to the dentist to get our teeth fixed and that were all set but little do we know the metal put in our mouth causes toxic overload. This stresses our bodies out to the max. If our immune sytem is always working to try and work out the hidden issues in our mouth how will it have time to fight the other diseases such as cancer cells? Basically all these issues suppress our immune system and dont allow our body to work at its natural capacity.
Me outside Paracelsus

Amalgam fillings and other toxic metals such as mercury, titanium, palladium, etc cause stress to our mouth because not only are they toxic, they have chemicals in them. A tooth with metal is a slow release poisonous time bomb! Literally. We chew, brush our teeth, and breathe and more and more metal toxicity is released into our body. The older the metal in our mouth the more dangerous it is. These days who knows what metal is being put in our mouth! Different metals in our mouth at once create different electric charges which confuses the body and creates stress. Think Science class!

Root canals are also very bad and often connected to cancer.  Root canal treated teeth are dead teeth and are therefore prone to infection – infection which can be very toxic and hard to get rid of because there is no blood flow into a dead tooth. The dead root also wreaks havoc in the body. Think of it as something decomposing in your body.....this cannot be good!
So needless to say we go to our standard dentists and think they are doing us good. I love my standard dentist....  I had him since I was little and literally cried and begged my dad to let me go back once when our insurance changed and we went to someone different in our new plan. Its like anything is what is taught and trained and therefore practiced. However, the truth is that a natural and biological dentist is a better option.
Removal of the amalgams, or any metals for that matter and the root canals need to be done in a way that prevents the toxins from leaking in the system. Here at Paracelsus they have state of the art equipment. There have been many people who must think I had dental work in some sort of hut with dirty rusty tools because they questioned why I would trust to get dental work in Switzerland. Its just another country people!! They have access to state of the art technology as well as guru dentists here. Lets not be ignorant and think that America is the best in healthcare and dentistry because that is far from the truth.
So when I first arrived I had a panoramic dental xray. Which I posted on a past blog but I will post again. I had to have a metal cap removed from one of my teeth and have a ceramic composite tooth put in. That went fine. According to the meridians, the issues in this tooth could have had a relationship with the function of my thyroid gland, female mammary gland, the right side of my stomach, and my parathyroid gland. I cant think of a direct connection. I do know that I have a slow thyroid so it could possibly be related to this tooth. Time will tell....

My Panoramic Dental Xray 
The other problematic tooth was a root canal that I had done years ago on the lower left side of my mouth. This was creating alot of issues in my mouth because it was inflammed and leaking metal toxicities in my body. This hurt like a bitch!! I mean during the procedure it was fine because I had anesthesia but once it wore off it was painful. I still have pain from it. The dentist removed the cap over the root canal and took out the metal pin that was placed there to hold the tooth and he also took out the two dead black and gross roots that were lodged in my mouth. See below....Warning!!!! Its gross so if you dont want to see it scroll past quick! The picture has the two extremely black and dead roots, the metal pin, and my cap filled with metal on the inside and white composite on the outside.

Ewww.....GROSS!!!! This crap was
in my mouth for years!!!!

 Due to this being covered by a metal cap with white composite over it, the deadness and metal pin was rotting inside and causing my body alot of stress. Ever since I could remember I had this horrific metal taste in my mouth that I could not get rid of even if I brushed and listerined my teeth 100 times a day. Now that it is gone the metal taste is no longer!!! I have to keep this tooth out for about 6 months so the bone could grow back and heal. Once this happens I could have the tooth replaced. This tooth is related to the meridian of the left colon, left lung, my feet, my stomach, and my spleen. Makes sense as I have a history of colon/stomach issues and my largest tumor currently is on my spleen. Hmmm.....interesting!
Think about it. Did you ever have extensive dental work or even a simple metal crown or cavity put in and begin to get an array of negative symptoms? I always had horrible teeth internally, ever since I was little. I think the youngest I was in the dentist chair was 2 years old. I had filling after filling and many teeth pulled. I cant help to think if this is directly correlated to my affected immune system and clogged lymph system. Fascinating stuff......
PeAcE, LoVe, & StrEnGtH,