What happened to May?

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I seem to be completely missing posts from May. Here's why:

I was able to take an extra part time job with Team In Training to promote events all over the Greater Los Angeles Area. It was fantastic. I got to meet some great people and get others excited about the team.

However, working 52 hrs a week left me little time for sleeping, eating, and running, let alone blogging. In fact, several other projects were put on hold while I tried to bring in some extra cash, like our home gym.

This reminds me. We've been using our HoMedics body composition scanner to see how things are going in our weight, muscle, fat, water, and bone percentages. I won't disclose any numbers but I'm happy to say that things are pretty good for not doing being very strict on exercise.

I don't know how accurate it is but I do think that monitoring changes in your body can be a great help to improving your race, not to mention your lifestyle. I'm not the type of person to obsess over how much I weigh or what my body fat % is. But, I find that if I check on it every Saturday morning to see if there has been any ups or downs, I find myself thinking more about what I'm eating during the week compared to how much physical activity I've engaged in a little more.

Runningplanet.com says that every extra pound of non -productive body weight (body fat) decreases your running performance by around 1%.

I will be setting a goal for an optimum weight/fat % for running. Some experimenting may need to take place....