Ionizing radiation

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Ionizing radiation is one of the aims of radiobiology. Ionizing radiation studying biological effects of electromagnetic radiation, predominantly in the range of frequencies from 3 kHz to 300 GHz. In the field of continuous and low frequency electromagnetic fields use the term Bioelectromagnetics. sources of electromagnetic radiation that can influence health: the wireless device is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile phones, high-frequency communications; computers, monitors, TV-screens; microwave ovens, fluorescent lamps, electric motors; high-voltage transmission lines. Literature Kudryashov Yu. B., y. Perov F. Ruby as well. B. Radiation Biophysics: Radiofrequency and microwave radiation. Textbook for high schools. -Ì.: FIZMATLIT, 2008. -184 p., ISBN 978-5-9221-0848-5 Grigoriev W. G. Long-term consequences of biological effects of electromagnetic fields. Happy. Biol. Radioèk. 2000, 40, no. 2, 217 Bingi. N. Bioelectromagnetics: experiments and models. – M., "MILT", 2002. — 592 pp — ISBN 5-94505-033-4 Links Center for electromagnetic safety Non-ionizing radiation Registration of non-ionizing radiation Mobile phone radiation and health Wireless electronic devices and health Electromagnetic safety The health and a mobile phone Category: Radiobiologiâde: Nicht ionisierende Strahlung en: Wireless electronic devices and health pt: Radiação ionizante não sv: joniserande strålning Icke-