Preventing lung cancer

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What are the symptoms of lung cancer? You should be suspicious if you have a distressing cough brings blood, sputum, especially if you smoke and have a family history of disease. Other signs include dyspnea, hoarseness, chest pain, arm or shoulder, loss of appetite and weight.

"In general, lung cancer is first suspected because of physical symptoms, or because an abnormal mass on a routine chest X-ray. Loss of appetite and weight mayThe first signs of lung cancer. In this case, the first step is to determine with certainty whether the cancer is present. In addition to a regular chest X that gives resonance imaging (chest X-rays that a special extremely limited vision can be obtained on the lungs) or other special investigations like a CT scan, "said Dr. David E. Larson, editor - in-chief of "Mayo Clinic Family Health Book".

Unfortunately, lung cancer is considered one of the most difficult cancers to detect, because it can bePresent for 10 to 20 years without obvious symptoms. Five to 10 percent of cases, discovered by chance during a routine X-Ray.

General symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and pain are often ignored or improperly by the patient for something else. From the time you experience the symptoms, the disease may have reached an incurable stage. This explains the poor prognosis of patients with the disease.

The easiest way to avoid developing lung cancer is to stop smoking. Maydifficult to quit, but not impossible. Millions of people have done and those who quit reduce their chances of developing lung cancer by two thirds.

Ninety percent of people who quit smoking do so on their own, so start now before it's too late. If you find that hard to do, you can take courses to stop smoking or to enroll in a clinic that offers the same service. Select the program that makes sense for you and use that make it easier to help from friends and family thingsfor you.

To this is linked to cancer, which can still be helped, surgery is the preferred treatment. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy depend on the type of tumor has recommended that the patient's age and general health and the extent of disease.

"A lung cancer is usually removed surgically. It is sometimes necessary to remove an entire lung. Because lung cancer is usually not detected until they are at an advanced stage, surgery alone is not able to delete it,and radiation and chemotherapy in combination can be used with or instead of surgery, "said the director of" Consumer's Guide Family Health & Medical Guide. "

Which treatment is best for you? Only your doctor can answer. But here are some tips from Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld of the New York Hospital - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center treatment "best"

"That's what I recommend to my own patients with lung cancer. If the tumor, regardless of cellType that seems to have spread and lung function is good, then surgery should be done immediately and in all age groups, including older people who are otherwise healthy. Investigating oat cell tumors are treated with chemotherapy and radiation, as recommended by an oncologist.

"When the CT scan and other tests show that it is too late for surgery (because the cancer has already been to the lymph nodes on the opposite side of the chest or elsewhere) is widespread, let alone if they do not cause anySymptoms. I prescribe radiation, surgery or chemotherapy only if the symptoms cause cancer incurable. The purpose of an intervention at this point, the person feels better. If a patient with advanced lung cancer has no symptoms, what can I do anything for them. This approach is not shared by all or even most doctors. Most of my colleagues go full-blast with radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy toxicity in the hope of a cure, which happens rarely or never, at that stage.Suffering This treatment, in my experience, often accelerated or prolonged, "Rosenfeld said. (Next: breast cancer.)

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