Week 0

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Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending
- Maria Robinson

Between the pre-screen and the official measurement, I let myself enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's one last carefree time. I kept thinking .... two years.  So I got while the getting was good. I know that's not what you're supposed to do leading up to a program like this, but I wanted one last huzzah before going on a restricted caloric intake.

I had to fill out some boring online questionnaires about myself and get an MD's approval signature beforehand.
"Risk Associated with Completion of Questionnaires: You may experience non-physical risks such as boredom, frustration, stress, and time constraints when completing the questionnaires. The risk of this happening to you is likely because this occurs in more than 20% of people (more than 20 out of 100 people) "


I almost botched it before I even got to the center.  I completely forgot I was supposed to fast for 12 hours the night before. I had a snack and a coke 11 hours before the test. Thank goodness I'm not a late evening snacker. Luckily, they said it was still ok. That would have been a bad way to start a two year program....

When I got to the center, there was a whole team of people specialized in taking different measurements. They were all pleasant and relatively happy that all of their patients were showing up early and scheduled for the morning. After another brief questionnaire, they measured my body weight and height, body composition (DXA total body scan and Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis), resting blood pressure and heart rate. They took blood samples, did a cardiorespiratory fitness test, and had one last questionnaire. At the end the questionnaire, the guy gave me a BodyMedia Fit armband as a trial period, but it doesn't mean I'll be placed in the armband group yet.

DXA Body Scan
The DXA body scan was weird.  Imagine you are a sheet of paper on a scanner. Take away the blinding light and that's what it was like, except it took 7 minutes.  I've also never been hooked up to an ECG machine before.  I had to wear one to monitor my ticker while I walked on a treadmill.  I also had to wear a respiratory contraption thing (I believe that's its scientific name) that measured my air intake while breathing.

Body Media Armband
I kinda feel like one of those guys on Biggest Loser.  They do some of the same tests to those participants and the armband is the same thing they'd wear on the show.  Thankfully, my weight isn't equivalent to a pick-up truck and I'm not expected to lose an unhealthy amount of weight every week. I also thought it was neat that one of CNN's article about the CES 2012 (cool electronics show) featured the BodyMedia Fit.  Cost to public: $180.  Cost to me: free at least this week.  We'll see if I have to wear it all the time. I barely notice it.

After this week, the trial period will be over.  This is their last opportunity to analyze the test results/questionnaires to see if they find something they don't like.  If they rule me out, I think I'd better retitle these articles.

0 Month/Week Weight - 211

(Only gained 3 lbs over the holiday season!  If you saw how much I ate (cookies et al), you'd be impressed it's that low too.)