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Sirona Dental Chair
Features: Sirona Dental Chair: new product structure and design philosophy, so FONA 1000 in improving overall performance and service life, while adding the convenience of operation

Sex. Easy operation, maintenance facilities are FONA product consistent design style. All functions  dental scaler implemented through the foot control, effectively avoiding the generation of cross-infection, to provide you

A clean operating environment ...
TENEO Sirona Dental treatment units
Features: global leader in high-quality, advanced technology dental equipment manufacturer in Germany Sirona Dental Equipment Co., Ltd. in Beijing, the 15th China International Dental Equipment

Exhibition and technical exchange meeting, officially the TENEO dental treatment units into the Chinese market ...
Sirona C8 + dental treatment units
Features: Sirona C8 + dental treatment center can provide you with unmatched through ergonomically designed dental chair, it is flexible, beautiful, and have to meet your specific needs

Find a large  dental steam Sterilizer selection of configuration ...
Sirona C4 + dental treatment units
Features: Sirona C4 + dental treatment units: designed according to ergonomic requirements Sirona dental treatment units and continue to promote well-being. Therefore, the Notes Sirona

Italian forces to invest in user friendliness, flexible configuration, quality, technical innovation, modern design and wealth value