Week 1 of training Finished

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So week 1 of the training finished today :-) Lovely....

6 more weeks left, i cant wait for our graduation day!!!

The days is going so fast here, crazy.

This week we did these:

  • We filled in a lot of forms
  • We got our id cards, insurance cards.
  • We Did medicals: blood tests, vision test, hearing test, 2 vaccines, info, weight check, chest x ray, normal check up and urine test.
  • We had Uniform fitting: we will get the uniform in 3 weeks, cant wait to wear it :-)
  • Grooming
  • Info about cabin safety
  • We got our HUGE and HEAVY SEP manual and more papers.
  • Bank account papers
So on Sunday our 2nd week will start and our SEP week will start. The 2nd hardest week i have heard. I think we will do training in the simulator the whole week.

I hope i can be able to pass the exams and study hard and be focused!!!!

More informative info related to the cabin crew job here:::