Last Shopping Day!

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This morning me and three other worksite health promotion majors got to tour Siemens medical supply company. It was really secretive and we had to wear lab coats and couldn't use our cameras. It was fun and we got to see the machine that hotpitals use to diagnose cancers by analyzing your blood. The machine was taken apart so we could see the blood run through a thousand little tubes and be separated into three parts- one part was actually red, one part was clear, and one part was blue! It was really neat. I got all of my souvenir shopping done for the cheap stuff and so far I've only spent $200/150 euro which isn't too bad... A lot of girls here are buying expensive jewelry and stuff but I just bought costume jewelry for me and my mom and sister because we don't need the real stuff! haha :) My roommate is really nice and we've been shopping together a lot since we've been here. I think tomorrow we are going to see the Book of Kells, Trinity College, and the Guinness Factory. After that we are planning on eating dinner somewhere and then walking through Steven's Green which is a really picturesque park a few blocks away. I never got to do my river boat tour because the start point was way too far away from my hotel to go but that's ok because Nigel has been driving us all over the city so I feel like I've seen everything I want to anyway :) Well I have to go to dinner now so I'll have more later!