Phoenix, AZ - Orthodox Rabbi Shot With A Pellet Gun

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PHOENIX - A Phoenix rabbi is recovering after someone shot him with a pellet gun.
Rabbi Reuven Mann said he's guessing the attack was random, possibly a juvenile prank.

It happened Monday when Mann was out for his daily 3.5 mile run on north 16th Street near Glendale Avenue.

"I'm religious jogger. I've been jogging since 1985. Approximately three and a half miles a day." said Mann.

Mann says he wasn't sure what happened at first.

"It was hard for me to believe what happened... in my mind I'm asking myself did I just get shot?"
But then the pain and the blood soon followed the initial shock. Doctors later showed him an X-ray at the hospital revealing a deep pellet in his calf muscle.

"I reached down and screamed out ouch. Then I heard some kind of reaction... like they were happy they got me, that kind of thing."

Doctors told Mann he should be walking normally in about a week.

As a religious person, Rabbi Man says he's capable of forgiveness, but not understanding.

"I would question them... how would you feel if this was done to you... that's the question that I would like to ask them."