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We LOVE our Dental Assistants

At Periodontal Associates, we have a great team and enjoy taking the time to say thank you and appreciate our co-workers.  This week it happens to be Dental Assistants Recognition week, March 3-9th, and Drs. Ken Versman, Doug Heller, and Eric Beckman wants everyone to know that our Aurora periodontal office has the most professional, caring, and high class assistants. 
Before we go into more detail about how and why specifically Periodontal Associates’ staff is so wonderful, let us first explore the role of a dental assistant as a key in productivity.  Productivity at Periodontal Associates is very important as many of our clients focus on not only getting quality care but also in a timely manner.  Ashley, a Denver patient of Periodontal Associates states, “Dr. Heller and his staff are courteous, timely, and very sincere in their efforts to make patients feel more comfortable with their smile. Thank you again for your exceptional customer service."

Dental Assistants have a broad spectrum of duties and their contributions help support every aspect of the dental office from Drs. Versman, Heller, and Beckman to the office manager and to the patients.  These key players are responsible for preparing rooms and equipment for the doctors, assisting doctors during procedures such as placing dental implants and gum grafts to make the procedure easier and more comfortable for both Drs. Versman, Heller, and Beckman as well as our patients, keeping track of all dental supplies such as bone grafts and implants, scheduling patients for their post-operative visits, taking radiographs, assisting our dental hygienists, and many other duties.

Periodontal Associates is proud to recognize our amazing dental assistants: Erin, Amy, and Ilene as their dedication and enthusiasm for helping change peoples' lives is something to admire.  Our Aurora patients describe these ladies as “nice, caring and also funny” and “outstanding, professional, friendly, comforting, caring, and gentle with me.”  Please click here to see more testimonials about our staff and Drs. Versman, Heller, and Beckman.
With all the great reviews we have, it is no surprise that Periodontal Associates has assembled one of the finest staffs in the Denver - Aurora, Colorado area that is dedicated to treating gum disease, gingivitis and the replacement of missing teeth with dental implants.  Because the practice of periodontics requires specialized training and excellent teamwork in dental implants and gum disease, we have brought together one of the most experienced, skilled, caring and dedicated professional assistants and staff in all of Colorado, to assist with your individual comfort and care. We call ourselves a team because we enjoy what we do and we like working together.  We also consider our patients part of the team as each patient require their own individualized treatment plan. 
We urge you to come see us for the highest skilled and upper class treatment in periodontics.  If you are interested in making an appointment, please click here, or please call Periodontal Associates at (303) 755-4500.  Let us care for you and transform your smile!