Paris Hilton's Psychiatrist Doctor is not an M.D.

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As reported on Radar Online

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Update: Note that the anti-osteopath bias is as seen on Radar Online, although this may have been picked up from one of their sources. We have observed a number of message boards where the MD vs DO debate has been running hot and heavy. It is our understanding that being an MD is a prerequisite to being a Psychiatrist, since it is a prerequisite for a license to prescribe drugs. Here's the hot news ....

Radar has discovered that Dr. Charles Sophy, the psychiatrist that visited Paris Hilton in jail and aided with her initial release, is neither the UCLA professor his website claims he is, nor the board-certified M.D. he's reputed to be. (Not that anyone could tell by reading his press, which often cites him as an M.D.)

Sophy is actually a D.O., or Doctor of Osteopathy. Though osteopaths are still considered licensed doctors in America (not, however, in Europe) and Sophy serves as the legitimate medical director of the L.A. County Department of Family and Child Services, he does not seem eager to tout his full credentials—perhaps because a D.O. is considered by many M.D.s to be the fake Rolex of the medical profession.

Sophy claims on his website that he is triple board certified in psychiatry, family practice, and adolescent psychiatry, though he makes no reference to the fact that these are osteopathic boards and not titles issued by the Medical Board of California. Sources from both the Medical and Osteopathic boards confirm his background.

Even more suspect, Dr. Sophy, who often appears as an expert on PBS and Fox News, claims to hold an Associate Clinical Professorship at the University of California, Los Angeles, Neuro-Psychiatric Institute—which he does not.

Instead, according to academic officials at UCLA, Sophy is merely a volunteer clinical instructor. "This is an entry-level position at best," the source tells Radar. "He cannot claim himself to be a professor here by any means."

This is not the first red flag when it comes to Sophy's practices. In the Hilton case, he has made unauthorized, early morning visits to Paris throughout the trial and has argued to keep her out of court on the grounds that she is "not capable" of testifying. Fishier still, Sophy was closely involved with the Michael Jackson molestation case in 2003 and was accused of leaking a social worker's memo about the pop star's innocence to the press—a memo he had unique access to from his then-newly minted position as director of the L.A. County DFCS. He would not comment on the memo, telling the press simply: "I'm involved in the Jackson case ... but not the way that you think."

Several phone calls to Dr. Sophy's office and the L.A County DFCS were not returned.
He could be in very big trouble if he was prescribing psychiatric drugs, dangerous as they are, without an appropriate license.